Custom Bags Are Not Just For Logo Promotion- A Few Other Creative Uses of bags

Custom bags have always been one of the most popular promo gifts ever. We at ProImprint have always loved to delve upon the popularity and the amazing versatility of these products that are sure to stay here for sure. Finding an appropriate promotional gift is often an overwhelming task considering the countless options on offer. Moreover to make a campaign successful, you need to strike a perfect balance between the cost and usability of the items that you choose to gift. After all, nobody would be pleased to see their logo gifts getting trashed faster than you thought! That is where custom bags will come to the bigger picture. Ecofriendly and extremely useful, these reusable bags are great for not just shopping. Put on your thinking caps and you can stumble upon countless creative ways to use these bags.11 x 14 Inch Custom Heat Sealed Non-Woven Exhibition Tote Bags

Here are a few tips to get you started.

As Car organizers
If you think you need atleast a dozen more car trunks to get all your stuff organized, try using these reusable bags to keep everything in order and at easy access. You can even keep separate bags for books, sports equipments or first aid items, thanks to its low cost factor.

As Library bags
All the bookworms out there will surely find these bags a real bet for their countless library trips. Spacious, light weight and highly durable, these bags will have ample space for your books, reading materials and DVDs. Vibrantly colored and casual, these branded items will surely earn you a few eyeballs for sure!

Eco-Friendly Gift pack
Planning a tradeshow or a fair any time soon? Make sure to stock up these sturdy bags for all those logo gifts and marketing swag that you may be handing out to your patrons. When they get these gifts they will have a free reusable bag as well.

Beach holidays
Let’s be frank about it! Nothing says summer better than the beach. So, why not hand out these reusable tote bags to your customers to pack a punch to their holidays. Apart from being a handy hold-all for all their essential beach supplies without piling extra load, these bags will make a style statement and a trendy accessory.

Freezer Organization
Forget about buying costly storage bins to keep your supplies well organized in your freezer. Just sort the items and put it in color coded bags for easy identification and retrieval.

Hanging Garden
Reusable bags make wonderful containers for small flowering plants or vegetables. Just hang it in your patio and see how the onlookers will be pleased not just by your creativity but also by the brand message on these useful gifts.

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