June 1st -7th is Sun safety Week- Plan Your Promotions with Appropriate Logo Items

Celebrate summer at its best without compromising on the safety aspects with these practical promotional products. June 1st to 7th is sun safety week and it makes a great time to spread awareness on the importance of sunsafety and UV risk protection. For marketers, it makes a brilliant occasion to promote their brands as well.

Summer may still be a few weeks away, but in many areas like Florida and Chicago, people have already hit the sandy coasts in their beach wear. So, why not put your brand on these summer and beach promotional items to grab a few eyeballs. You still have enough time to plan a sizzling and successful summer promotional event. So, browse our fabulous collection of custom gifts from ProImprint and make your summer promotions a hit.

Summer essentials
Sunscreen is undeniably the first item to go into any beach bag. Sunburn is not trendy or healthy. Hand out these sunscreen items packed with SPF 30 protection features that will help them stay safe from the UV risks on the beach. UV radiation is found to be one of the most important reasons for skin cancer. So, help your patrons stay safe from this deadly disease and show off your company information alike with these practical gift items. These are useful considering that most people may forget to pack it when they leave their homes in a jiffy.Custom Imprinted Suncare Kits

Sunglasses: These are not just functional but fashionable accessories for any beach holiday maker. These will not just protect them from the UV rays but ensure your logo a lot of attention as well. A pair of trendy sunglasses will have a great impact on a crowded beach and it will make a smart way to reach out to a massive crowd in the shortest possible way!Personalized Kids Party Sunglasses Assortment

Lip Balm: Like some other beach items, lip balm is also often overlooked. So, your business will score a few brownie points by handing out something that they badly need on a beach but they hardly get as freebies! These protective lip balms that are available in various popular flavors will protect the beach-goers from UV risks and make them look presentable even a long day out in the sun!Personalized Lip Rageous Watermelon Bullet Lip Balm

Visor: A hat or a visor will make a welcome item in any beach bag as it will keep the customers cool and well shielded from the sun. Your logo on these essential beach accessories will indeed get all the attention that it deserves.Custom Logo Imprinted Cotton Chino Visors

Beach towels: These logo items are very useful as most people often think about it only when they come out of water drenched! Though it is one of the most overlooked beach items, custom towels hold tremendous potential in promoting your brand. The massive imprint area and the solid color choices will give the marketers ample creative scope too. No matter whether your recipients spread it out on the beach or drape it around, your logo will enjoy the much desired portability and exposure for sure.Custom Printed Mid-Weight Beach Towels

Celebrate Sun safety Week with these logo items that can be used all through summer even after the sun safety week.

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