Pack a punch to your brand promo with custom Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds make perfect gifts particularly for baseball players, baseball themed events and the diehard fans of this exciting game. Hand out these calorie packed treats to your team and fans and get your message out in the process.

Medium Jenny Billboard Cello Bags Filled with Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

Who doesn’t like to munch these tasty seeds that are packed to the core with vitamin E, proteins and minerals for a quick shot of energy and as a favorite snack? Packed in attractive header bags with colorful logo imprints, custom sunflower seeds will spread a sunny charm to your branding campaign wherever these are given away. Be it for the sports fans in the stands, the athletes on the track or the people on the move, these tasty seeds will keep your logo fresh in their minds.

Hand out these unusual corporate gifts at pools, parks, beaches, or outdoor venues and people will love to have these snacks on their day off. You can even use these sunflower seed goodie bags during mass mailer campaigns, tradeshows, events or store promotions. No matter what the occasion is, these goodies will never fail to bring a smile on the faces of your recipients.

Custom Small Bountiful Bags Filled with Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds that are served in attractively colored bags will make perfect gifts for holiday and sports season. Everyone will love your logo for having made their leisure time more fun and energetic all through. These tasty snacks offered in a handy compact logo imprinted envelope will be the hot favorite of your customers for sure.

Promotional CandElope Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds

CandElope Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds : Hand out this candy dispenser with chocolate covered sunflower seeds and see how your logo gets a high five! Sunflower seeds are loved by everyone and not just baseball players. So, if you are looking for a gift that will never fail to connect with your customers, opt for these simple and delicious gifts that will help you save a penny without compromising on the brand exposure.

ProImprint has a delectable range of oven roasted sunflower seeds in various unique flavors, including chocolate. Perfect handouts for your customers who are out travelling, hiking and camping, these custom promotional sunflower seeds will make them full and charged up and will remind them about your business. The conspicuous imprint area of these packets will highlight your logo and text message in style that your logo will be put under spotlight even during massive events like tradeshows, games and special events.

These gourmet treats of personalized chocolate covered sunflower seeds can also be personalized for personal events like wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party. Imprint your message, quotes or artwork on the handy packs and see how these promotional gifts in bulk become the talk of the town in no time! Shop for these custom sunflower seeds at ProImprint to add a new sugary and salty twist to your brand promo this season and reap the advantage that it brings!

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