Bridal Shower Favors – Facts And Fables That Every Bride In Honor Should Know

Bridal Shower Favors will let the bride in honor to offer a pie of the bridal fun to the guests with collectible party favors. From classic to quirky and downright eccentric, bridal shower party favors are available in a mind boggling range of options and price rates in ProImprint.

However, with a lot of ideas buzzing around in your head it is easy to get stumped with a lot of wrong notions and myths on wedding favors. Here are some of the common myths that you might have heard many times before!

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Myth #1
Bridal shower party held by the maid of honor is not a compulsory event before wedding.

Fact: Wedding etiquette says that a bridal shower party hosted by the maid of honor makes an essential pre wedding event. In exceptional cases, bridal shower party can be hosted close friends or any female member from your family though in general it is the responsibility of the maid of honor.

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Myth #2
Bridal shower party gifts should be pricey and exotic

Fact: Simple and fun gifts are perfect choices as the basic idea is not to shock the guests with the whopping sticker price of your promotional gifts but to thank them with these practical and simple gifts that your guests will cherish for long as tokens of love. Small and memorable gift articles like chocolates, scented candles, wine glasses can all make excellent bridal shower party gifts.

Myth #3
Every guest should be handed out the same bridal shower party favor at the same time

Fact: You can buy different bridal shower party favors for your guests and also as prizes for the games during the night. You can hand out different items for your guests if you wish, as it brings in a surprise element into your party night.

Myth #4
A bridal shower party should be an extravagant affair

Fact: You can find loads of perfect bridal shower party ideas and favors for even a few cents. So, plan your budget and choose gifts that are both useful and memorable. Party favors express your thanks and gratitude to your guests and convey the message that you care for them. ProImprint has a range of fabulous party favors that will not leave a dent on your savings and still ensure a fabulous party experience.

Myth #5
Popular Party favor gifts are the most desirable options

Fact: When it comes to choosing bridal shower party gifts, you can be creative and original. What your friend had in their shower need not be the best idea to copy for your event. The best party favors will be the ones that match your particular shower theme and the tastes of your guests. Think original and innovative to make sure that your bridal shower party favors stand out.

There are tons of bridal shower and wedding favor ideas  to consider and if these fail to spark an idea, just give us a call and we can come up with selection tips and party favor ideas.