Outdoor-Ready Custom Tech Gifts For Customers On The Go

Most people work while they play and vice versa these days thanks to the tech gadgets that offer the ultimate flexibility they could ask for. Let’s be frank about it! Nothing can beat the great outdoors and when we have the right tech gadgets in hand, life gets easy even more. Marketers looking for custom gifts for customers who lead an active life or are adrenalin junkies will find custom tech gift a perfect gift choice. Well suited to literally promote every business under the sun, tech gifts leave a lasting impression for your business.

Outdoor-Ready Custom Tech Gifts For Customers On The Go

We offer a range of interesting custom gifts that range from solar powerbanks to water proof speakers and more to suit the specific needs and tastes of your audience.

Solar Power Banks-2000 mAh: Charge your batteries while having fun in the sun even when you don’t have access to power outlets with these solar power banks that will let the users charge mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players and more. Perfect for everyday use, this power bank will keep your gadgets up and ticking between meetings or in the camping grounds!

Promotional Solar Power Banks-2000 mAh

Solar Powered Power Banks with LED Light: Stay connected to the outside world at all times with these reliable solar powered powerbanks that have a handy feature of flashlights as well. In this digital world, it is impossible to survive without tech gadgets and when you are in an outdoor fun mode these powerbanks will get you going. Marketers will find solar powerbanks a great way to promote their brand and message among their audience.

Personalized Solar Powered Power Banks with LED Light

Outdoor Waterproof Speakers: Enjoy your favorite music even during pool parties or hiking trips with these outdoor waterproof speakers that are designed to perform under all weather conditions. The suction at the base of these silicon speakers will let the user place them in any flat surface including bathrooms while the built-in mic and music controls makes the hands free experience lot better.


Waterproof Tablet Pouches: Your recipients are rest assured that their sensitive gadgets like tablets and phones remain dry and safe during beach holidays, boating trips and outdoor fun activities with these waterproof pouches with zip lock and loop closure. Put your brand and message on and see how these logo items will earn a few eyeballs easily!

8.25x12 Inch Custom Printed Waterproof Tablet Pouches

Stay Safe Waterproof First Aid Kits: Outdoor holidays often throw up unpleasant surprises and anxious moments for everyone. This is what makes these waterproof first aid kits a perfect choice to consider. With a double wall plastic construction and a lanyard that ensures hands free convenience for the users, these first aid kits contain all the items that anyone may need including alcohol pads, PBT bandage, non-woven pad and more to take care of minor cuts and bruises.

Promotional Stay Safe Waterproof First Aid Kits

Which of these are you planning to use in your promotional campaign? Share your thoughts at the comments section below to join our conversation.

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