Office Desk Items That Will Make Your Employees Proud

 Impress your employees and ensure a quick makeover of the work spaces with some brilliant custom desk accessories. It will make their lives easier while boosting your professional identity. Help your employees to stay organized and productive while promoting your brand with these everyday custom products .

Here are some giveaways that are most displayed on work desks and  can be custom printed at very low prices.


A stylish pen branded with your logo and message is indeed a must- have item on every work desk for sure. Your employees may need pens even in a digital office to make quick reminders, doodle or short notes. Obviously, people need them at all times. Some may even spin or fiddle with pens to beat stress or boredom! Apart from being practical,  pens are also cheap and can be stored even in small spaces. You can choose from a wide range of models including stylus pens that will work both on paper and  smart screen alike!  No wonder why logo pens still remain one of the top favorites in  desktop items.


No work desk can ever be complete without a tumbler. It is indeed one of the most displayed desk accessories. Aside from being used for coffee, mugs can be decorative, too.  It will even double up as pen caddy or flower vases for some creative souls!. Choose from a wide range of models including insulated metal tumblers to ceramic mugs and speckled campfire mugs among others.   Add your logo and message and enjoy a  grand display among customers and  clients that drop in .  Moreover , a branded tumbler will also highlight your brand identity every time you use it to serve the guests at office.

Desk calendar

The high utility of desk calendars is obvious. Your employees can use calendars  to keep track of the days and dates and even to schedule meetings or setting reminders. Choose from various models or themes, customize with your brand and you are all set to get 365 days of brand visibility at one time investment.


Even   if you have a paperless office set up, custom notebooks are something your employees will truly find useful. No matter whether they use it to make notes, reminders, inspirational quotes  or more, custom notebook will earn a prime spot one every work desk. In addition, you can even pair it with pens to make a great combo gift option for your employees. Further, even in today’s digital world where smart organizers rule office spaces, most employees  prefer to have a tangible way to organize and refer back their notes.

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