October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month- How To Observe

Businesses can highlight their social commitment and make a long lasting impact among their audience by supporting breast cancer awareness month. Spread goodwill, honor the cancer survivors and strengthen the relationships with your customers by playing a proactive role in supporting this social cause.


  1. Sponsor Local Events

Sponsor any local breast cancer fundraising event in your community.  It is the easiest and most effective way to give back to your community and boost the goodwill. You can pitch in the best way possible to make the event a success. Whether it is providing monetary support, offering a venue to host the event, or providing goods or services that your business specializes in, you can find countless ways to get associated with the event.

  1. Organize a health run

You can organize a health run in your community to raise funds for the cause. Spread the word through digital media and conventional advertisements. Encourage your prospects and employees to participate to make it a success.

If you cannot organize an event show your support by participating in such events. There are many well acclaimed national sponsored races and walks that raise money for breast cancer awareness. Your team can also participate to be part of this noble cause.

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  1. Breast cancer awareness giveaways

If racing isn’t your thing, you can still be part of the event by handing out breast cancer awareness giveaways at cancer care clinics and other community events. From ribbon shaped magnets to pink t shirts and ribbon themed pens and so much more. You can choose from a wide range of promotional items in every price rate. It will motivate the cancer survivors while boosting your brand image.

Awareness Ribbon Shaped Pencils

  1. Host a Fundraiser

Raising money is crucial for the success of any campaign.  Hosting a fund raising campaign will ensure treatment for breast cancer patients and the funding of medical research among others. Whether it is a raffle draw, a special sale or a car wash fund raising, you can choose any fundraising event, the proceeds of which can be donated to a charity organization.

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Some of the popular custom handouts that make great fund raisers include pens, drinkware items, T shirts, custom magnets and a lot more. These budget friendly yet popular giveaways can be sold off at a higher price to raise funds for the cause. Your logo and awareness message on it will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your prospects.

Awareness Ribbon Shape Magnets 20 Mil

How do you plan to observe breast cancer awareness month? Share your thoughts with us. Find us on instagram or facebook to join an interesting discussion.