Custom Handouts For A Spooky Yet Safe Halloween Celebration

Businesses looking for popular handouts for their audience  during Halloween can consider not just spooky giveaways but help their prospects find a safe way to celebrate. Whether you will be celebrating in your community or planning for at-home fun, 2020 is all set to be unique for Halloween festivities and branding opportunities for businesses as well.


Halloween at Home

Most people may be planning to  indulge in the Halloween spirit and festivities from the safety of their homes considering the pandemic risk. Anyone can plan virtual celebrations complete with costumes, haunted house decorations and  Jack-O’-lanterns and share the fun with their friends online. Employers can reach out to their team through Zoom calls or social media pages to share the fun and spread the joy.

Halloween Pumpkin Themed Drawstring Backpacks

Handouts like glow accessories and pumpkin shaped bags are some of the giveaways that will earn your logo tons of exposure and get your logo into their hands and homes literally.  These branded items are a perfect way to highlight the fun loving profile of your brand and show that your business stays on top of the trends.

9 Inch Deluxe Triple Wide Glow Bracelets

Social distancing while having fun at community events

If virtual Halloween celebration is not your cup of tea, you can think of  community celebrations by complying with social distancing norms. The old fashioned trunk or treat gathering is a great way to keep the fun tide on without compromising on the safety of the participants.  Get car trunks open at the parking lot for the kids to take decorations, candies and trick or treat gifts. Better still an adult can distribute the gifts to all the kids who drop in; not to forget sanitizing hands very often.

Reverse trick or treating is another choice. Decorated cars in spooky themes can be driven by while distributing trick or treat gifts and candies for the kids in Halloween costumes waiting in their in their front yards.

Swirl Lollipop with Round Label

Promotional Halloween products  like gift bags, LED drinkware items, candies etc will make great handouts for businesses to get their logo into customers’ homes to promote an enjoyable Halloween celebration in compliance with the safe practices. Halloween bags make it safe and easy to distribute your gifts while your brand gets a great display.

10 Oz Glow Margarita Glasses

Whether your customers plan to celebrate outdoors or at home, taking the Halloween party online, custom Halloween products will enhance the fun of your audience while m getting your message stand out. Browse our full Halloween product selection or contact is for more  gift ideas.