Non Candy Custom Gift Ideas for Halloween

Candies and chocolates are the main attraction of Halloween trick or treat bags. However, if you are looking for a healthier alternative, here are some Halloween giveaways that you will find interesting.


Halloween fun is slashed out this year due to the pandemic situation all over the world. But it can still be a good time for businesses to spread cheer on the community while promoting their brand. It is a nice way to keep everyone cheerful even in this difficult time.

Whether you are planning to directly mail gifts to clients, provide goodie bags to your employees or use it as incentives with purchases during the Halloween month, these custom gifts will help you plan a safe, healthy and eco-friendly way of celebration.

Toys & Games

Though candy and Halloween goodie bags go hand in hand, custom toys and games will make a great replacement. These are well retained and appeal to children of all ages, too. If you are looking for something in the spooky theme of Halloween, consider zombie stress relievers, pumpkin Led sunglasses, devil horns or cat eras among others

Zombie Stress Relievers

Plush toys

Custom stuffed animals  are available in a wide range of cute animal shapes to offer something special for everyone. Get it imprinted with your Halloween message and artwork to make it special.

Plush Big Paw Bear with Shirts


Custom balloons make a perfect way to celebrate the Halloween colors of Orange and Black, enhance the haunted house theme or add fun to the trick or treat events. Choose from a variety of models.

Printed Metallic Color Balloons

Coloring Sets

Coloring books and crayons can be a relaxing activity not just for kids but kids at heart as well. Apart from satiating the creative cells among people of all ages, coloring can stimulate brain and help everyone to stay focused.

Halloween Haunted Holiday-Coloring Books

Trail Mix

Tasty yet a healthier alternative to candies,  trail mix is available in a variety of flavors and mixes. Make it your Halloween treat items to leave a lasting impression among your audience.

Large Bountiful Bags Filled with Trail Mix


And now for some mandatory handouts that everybody needs in the new normal world. Choose from a wide range of everyday items like face masks, no-touch tools and hand sanitizer,  which is essential during this time.

Kids face masks are available in various delightful options like pre-printed masks, antibacterial masks and full color dye sublimated masks, which can be imprinted with Halloween motifs, fun cartoons or more to add a festive touch to these functional items.

Reusable 2 Ply Child Face Mask with Pocket for Filter

Alcohol free hand sanitizers will make a perfect choice for the Halloween gift bags of kids this year. Non stinging and easy on the tender skin of kids, these sanitizers will keep them safe as they set out on their trick or treat trips in the neighborhood.

10 ml. Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Pens

How do you plan to use these non candy gift ideas in your Halloween promotions? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.