6 Must-Have Sustainable Items For Back to School Events

Though the school year may look a little different this time students, teachers and the school management have to stay upbeat and motivated. Back to school handouts are a great way to make the school year easier and interesting all the while engaging the audience with your brand.

Kick Start The School Year With These Back To School Season Promotional Products!

Ecofriendly handouts will make a pleasant change from the normal class room staples that you have been employing year after year. Customize these high quality gifts made from eco friendly materials with your brand and message to enhance the school pride of your students and teachers.

Back to school handouts are not just to promote your institution or help the students to kick start the academic year; these will also serve as  gifts of appreciation to teachers and students in this difficult time.

Face masks

First of all, everyone needs PPE swag like face masks in the new normal world; schools are no different. Consider these eco friendly reusable masks that can be customized with your logo, message or artwork.  You can also choose from antimicrobial masks for kids with an antibacterial additive on it, which enhances the germ protection features.

Sentinel Polyester Face Masks for Children

Back packs

Every school kid needs a comfortable and light weight backpack to carry and store  the class rooms essentials like books, pens and other personal belongings. Choose ecofriendly, non woven bags that are stylish and good for Mother Earth.

Backpacks with ID Card Holder for Schools & Professionals

Water bottles

Reusable and insulated metal water bottles will make a great back to school promotional item Choose from a wide range of brilliant colors and models , customize it with your logo and tagline and you are all set to put your message on the move while  keeping the kids well hydrated.

17 Oz Shorty Aluminum Sports Bottles

Lunch boxes

Wheat straw lunch boxes will make a healthy alternative to plastic lunch boxes. Made from reclaimed wheat straws, these ecofriendly and durable storage containers will make a great choice for sustainable branding campaigns.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Sets

Paper barrel pens

Paper barrel pens make a fun and handy item for class room sessions. Ecofriendly and stylish, these pens will not just make a great writing tool for school children but an awareness item that will teach them about the importance of being ecofriendly.

Eco Paper Barrel Pens


Another recycled product that those in school will appreciate is recycled notepads. Useful to take notes and reminders even in this digital age, custom notepads will  make a  perfect back to school promo item for both teachers and students.

Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebooks & Pens

And finally, everyone now considers hand sanitizers to be a thoughtful handout for all types of events including back to school promotions. Schools should be stocked up with sanitizers to ensure safety and personal hygiene of everyone. Teachers and students can’t have enough and may always need more!

1 Oz Hand Sanitizers

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