How to Promote Thanksgiving Day Events Online

Being thankful to everything you may have in life has never been so important than this post pandemic days. In this season of giving back, businesses can celebrate Thanksgiving Day by making their clients feel appreciated.

At a  time when convincing people to spend their money on your business has become more difficult than ever, a personal “thank you” note can sometimes do the trick. However, have you ever thought of the scope of online marketing to make your customers and clients feel  your Thanksgiving Day love? Get started with these tips.

Send heartfelt greetings

Sending a sincere message to your audience can reinforce your connection with them and make them feel special and valued.

Publish inspiration posts

Thanksgiving is all about feeling inspired for everything we have in our lives and to express thanks to people around. So, it is a great occasion for you to share inspiration tips with the audience.

Provide tips

Choose Thanksgiving Day topics that your audience will find useful. It could be about anything like Thanksgiving custom gifts, holiday ideas, outfits for the season or planning tips for a perfect Thanks giving dinner and so on and so forth. It is a great way to get your audience engaged with your brand and start a conversation.

Greeting card tutorials

Share interesting tips to design greeting cards and party invites with some great holiday card designs. It will be a great way to make your brand part of the Thanksgiving celebrations of your audience and draw them closer to your message. Plus, it is a great opportunity for you to show the fun profile of your brand as well. Announce prizes for the winners or everyone who participates to make it even more interesting.

Hold a contest

Can there be  a better time to dole out freebies than Thanksgiving?  Hold a raffle, an online caption contest or something similar. Handout custom gifts and discount coupons to the winners. Just make sure to come up with an interesting concept that will tempt everyone to join. You can even set eligibility criteria for participating in the contest. You can ask the participants that like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter for them to be able to join your contest.

Lend a helping hand

Support a non-profit organization or a social cause  by volunteering, raising funds or giving them free products and services. As they are likely to thank the sponsors in their  social networking sites, it would earn you bigger exposure and better PR.

Saying thank you to your clients need to be seasonal and can be done all year round. So, how do you plan to promote your business  online during Thanksgiving 2021?