May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month- Plan Your Promotions

The month of May is celebrated as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month to spread awareness about the importance of staying fit and inspire everyone to adopt an active life style.  The objective of working out isn’t always about the pounds you shed  but it is more about leading a healthier lifestyle and sticking to it consistently. Eating healthy and making better dietary choices each day is the key.


In 1956, President Eisenhower took initiatives to set up the President’s Council on Youth Fitness. In the early 1960s, President Kennedy renamed the council the President’s Council on Physical Fitness; to encourage people of all ages to lead active lives. Stay active and eat healthy is the message that the month of May has for everyone.

Schools, community organizations and businesses can also join hands in  popularizing this event. From organizing healthy breakfast programs to health runs and more, there is ample scope to make National Physical Fitness and Sports Month  popular among the masses.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Adopting a healthier lifestyle isn’t as difficult as it may seem! All it takes is to make a shift in the priorities. Physical activity not just keeps people fit, but it also reduces stress and the risk of chronic diseases.  Working out will keep people relaxed and mentally strong as well. Thus  adopting a healthy life style is not just about getting a  healthy body but developing leadership qualities as well. Businesses can inspire their employees to leave their work spaces to indulge in a brisk walk, competitive sports or dance sessions. In addition, encourage the team to take short breaks in between their work schedules.

Further, promote walking by announcing incentives to those who walk to work. Using stairs in place of elevators and bringing homely meals rather than eating junk food are some of the other ways your team can stay healthy.These small steps can indeed make a lot of difference in the long run. You can also inspire employees to join a sports league or group.

Community sports leagues

Businesses can sponsor community sports leagues. In addition, encourage your employees to join community sports leagues of their choice like soccer, basketball, or hockey. It will keep them active, happy and  above all make it possible to lead a fulfilled life.

Work out with family

Working out alone can be boring for many. So inspire your employees to take some time to work out with their family or even pets to work up a good sweat.  Encourage them to share these snapshots online to  motivate others. Help everyone feel good about themselves today.

Fitness can be fun

Probably what turns off people from following fitness schedule is their rigidity. Make fitness fun. You can even think of things that make you happy. Further, it can be something simple like tossing a ball around the yard or shooting some hoops  An easy approach will also make it enjoyable even for kids.

How do you plan to observe National Physical Fitness and Sports Month in your organization, school or community? Share your thoughts with us on our facebook page.