Marketing Tips And Custom Gifts For Real Estate Agents In The New Normal

The new normal world has been a challenging for most businesses including real estate. However, the upward trends and anticipation of better times ahead has kept this niche buoyant even in this uncertain time.

Here are some marketing tips and gift ideas that will help realtors to enhance their reach and industry authority and generate more income.


  1. Virtual property tours

Most real estate agents have been conducting virtual tours for the prospective clients  for health and safety reasons. Though a personal level interaction is not possible, you can still add a personal touch to your virtual promotions  and strike a rapport with the potential buyers with custom giveaways. Your clients will have something to remember your business, which in turn will be a major pulling factor when they shortlist their choices and are ready to make the purchase.

Some realtors have been allowing potential buyers to tour the properties by themselves and utilizing FaceTime or video chat for communication while following social distancing and sanitization norms.  House shaped keychains or house shaped calendar magnets are budget friendly yet useful handouts to consider.

 Real Estate House Shape Calendar Magnets 20 Mil

Antimicrobial pens  is another gift choice for your clients. It will come handy for your customers while signing the contract to keep them safe and reassured.

Anti-Germ Grenada Antimicrobial Pen with Stylus Tip

Open houses

You can organize open house with limited number of people in attendance. It is the best way to gets eyes on your home and draw potential buyers who would otherwise be too casual or lazy to book a showing.

Put advertising and signage to grab the attention of both casual and serious prospective buyers. Consider interesting gifts like tote bags, fridge magnets, pens and so much more. make sure to customize it with your brand and message to keep your clients engaged.

Takeaway Shopper Tote Bags

  1. Telephonic Negotiations and Thank You Gifts

The old fashioned way of calling up the clients is the best option to consider  during the negotiation phase . It is much more personal than the online apps for negotiations and auctions. Make sure to show your appreciation for your clients by sending them personalized thank you gifts. From picture frames to blankets and insulated metal tumblers- you have a long list of enticing gift options to consider.

Printed Meadow Picnic Blankets

  1. Marketing

Online marketing is the best way to get your name and your property listings out there. You can also create useful content, such as e-books, webinars, commentaries and blogs to impress the audience and stand out from the competition.

Promotional products are the calling cards in any business deal. It is the most important reason for people to remember you.  You can handout popular custom gifts like pens, notepads, tech accessories etc that they’ll use frequently. Your message and contact details will remain in plain sight of your audience for a long time.

Active Wear Bluetooth Headphones

Need more tips and gift ideas? Feel free to call our product experts and stay on top of the trends.