Marketing Gifts And Ideas For Promoting Grocery Stores

Probably the only business niche that is not  hit hard by the pandemic could be the food and grocery delivery services. As consumers continue to shop big  to store essential provisions in uncertain times  and eat more frequently as they work and learn from home, grocery sales online has spiraled off exponentially in recent months. Reports show that online sales that was pegged at $4 billion mark in March 2020 went up to $7.2 billion in June!


So, marketers have a perfect opportunity to build lasting relationships and happy memories long after the pandemic. Whether it is masking up to go to the grocery store or placing online orders to get the stuff delivered at home, for many people, grocery shopping during the pandemic phase will make long lasting memories and experiences.

Include some popular grocery store marketing custom gifts to keep your brand  on top of the minds of your audience every time they need to replenish their food stuff.

Shopping Bags

Obviously, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind while thinking of shopping grocery would be shopping bags. Thus imprinted grocery bags make a great handout that will double up as a moving billboard for your stores. Choose from a wide range of reusable and ecofriendly tote bags  in various material choices like cotton or jute. Your logo and message imprinted on these trendy bags will easily make your stores  popular in your locality and pique interest  in whoever happens to see these.

Totes Bags

Insulated tote bags

Take the shopping experience of your customers to a higher  level with custom insulated tote bags. The insulated heat-sealed water-resistant lining of these bags make it a reliable and safe way to shop for frozen products or hot items. Whether your recipients use it to carry lunch to office or for their shopping stint, your message on these brilliant and bold bags will get all eyes ! Non-Woven Insulated Hercules Grocery Tote Bags will make a great option to consider in this segment.

Non-Woven Insulated Hercules Grocery Tote Bags

Personal protection items

Customized Face Masks, Shields, and  hand sanitizers have become  must-haves in the new normal world for everyone. Keep your clients safe with this custom  PPE that will keep your brand name in plain view of the world outside. Choose from various models and price rates to match your theme.

1 oz. Hand Sanitizer will make a handy option for your in-person shoppers or employees. You can even send it across as mailer gifts to your online shoppers. This travel size sanitizer sporting your full color message will be a  welcome gift any time, every time.

Imprinted 1 Oz Hand Sanitizers

Reusable masks: Available in a wide  range of models and patterns, these stylish masks will  draw easy attention of  anyone who sees it while your message imprinted will get its fair share of limelight. These budget friendly handouts promote safe shopping—and your business.

Standard Flat Cotton Face Masks with Filter Pocket

No touch tools: Keep your brand in plain view of your shoppers and help everyone stay safe  while using touch screens with these no touch tools that can be used  for many other everyday tasks like opening doors, pressing elevator buttons etc. From customers to delivery drivers and employees, everyone will find this high utility item useful.

Brass No-Touch Protection ToolsBrowse our exhaustive section of custom Personal Care Products that cater to your marketing needs  post pandemic.  These  custom giveaways will go a long way in promoting your business and make lasting relations in your community.  To stay on top of trends in custom products follow us on instagram or Facebook  or watch  this space for updates.