Innovative Custom Ear Savers That Make lives Easier

Wearing masks for extended period can be painful and can even cause abrasions around the ears. This is especially more challenging for people working in healthcare, supermarkets, and F&B outlets who may be required to  wear the masks for long hours.

In the new normal world, where face masks have become a part of the life style, custom mask accessories like ear savers will make a great choice. Custom ear savers will relieve the pain behind the ears while promoting your brand in a non-intrusive way.

Face masks can keep people safe from germs and reduce the risk of infection; however wearing masks the whole day can be uncomfortable for everyone.  These tension-release bands worn at the back of the head have hooks to hold the elastic straps of masks, which will make it more comfortable for your prospects.


Available in various models and colors, custom ear savers can also be customized in whatever design and color you like. You can also brand your logo on them and give them as corporate gifts.

Spread awareness

Spread awareness on the importance and health benefits of wearing masks by handing out custom ear savers that will encourage people to wear their masks. The users will no longer feel discomfort when wearing their masks. These fashionable accessories will even add a  pop of colors to the dressing style.

Boost Brand Image

Your recipients will indeed develop a positive impression about  your brand, and will rate your businesses as an entity that takes care of the well-being of front line workers. As these accessories are washable and reusable, your brand on it will get long term exposure; while offering customers a handy item that they need. Win-win.

Show that you care

Show that you care for the well being of your employees by handing out custom ear savers. It will definitely make a great addition in the welcome gift bag of your employees and to create a safe working environment where they wear masks.

Budget friendly

In addition, ear savers are budget friendly handouts that will match every promotional budget. You can order in bulk to get the maximum discounts and savings for mass events like trade shows and mailer campaigns.


Since we may have to live with the idea of wearing masks for  some more time, relevance of handouts like ear savers has become more then never before. Business owners can effectively use these giveaways to get their message out there. Whether you offer it as retail merchandise, customer giveaway or redemption gifts, these logo items will get a lot of appreciation.

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