Luggage Tags- How Useful Are These

Have you been relying on sheer luck to find your luggage safe on the carousel? You are not alone. With a steep increase in the misplaced, misappropriated, or lost luggage items, it has become necessary for passengers to think of tagging their luggage.

Bright ribbons, dolls, pet pictures-  people try out all possible hacks to make their bags stand out in the carousel. However, if you are looking for a classic way to tag the bags, opt for luggage tags- the tested way to keep your bags easily identified.

Traveling is fun; but it can be hectic and may give you a few anxious moments at times when you don’t find your baggage along the way. However the risk of misplacing the luggage has come down drastically these days thanks to the rampant use of luggage tags.

Luggage Tag

Reports show that luggage tags help to find 97% of all lost bags that are returned to their owners within two days!

These ubiquitous items are everywhere; be it in subway, airports or hotel lobbies. So marketers can make use of the  universal appeal of these modest items in highlighting their brand

Luggage tags travel with your audience and take your brand places. Budget friendly and always in use, these tags will ensure a wide angle display for your business message. After all, these never remain concealed but will stay  in plain view of your audience.

Personalized Journey Luggage Tags

How luggage tags work

Luggage tags make a perfect identification for your suitcases. It makes easy for the passengers to identify their bag at the baggage carousel and make sure that someone else is not taking it by mistake. Luggage tags help track missing baggage and ensure that it reaches the correct destination. It will add an identity to your bags and make it stand out in the sea of bags that are tossed around as each airplane makes the landing.

Most luggage tags have white space for the passengers to add their name and phone number. It will increase the chances of the luggage getting delivered back to the passenger in case of misplacement.

Custom Printed Silicone Luggage Tags

What NOT to include on your luggage tags:

  • Home address
  • Social security number

Why Use a Luggage Tag?

Airports can be crowded during holiday season and school vacations where most people travel. In 2018 over 4.3 billion people traveled in commercial airlines  of which around 25.8 million passengers lost their bags or got it late.  On a rough estimate 6 bags are lost for every 1,000 passengers and 47% of all bags are delivered to their owners late. Though luggage tags may look old fashioned and plain, these are highly useful to recognize baggage and saves time and effort in finding your bags.

10x2.5 Inch Promotional Standard Bag Tag with ID Card

Luggage tags are designed to last long and make it easy for passengers to identify their bag. Offered in a wide range of materials, luggage tags give a unique identity to your bag and make it stand out. Unlike the paper tickets of the past, these won’t get damaged or ripped off and will remain firmly attached to your bags for a lot of trips.

Printed Lamis Basic Two-Tone Luggage Tags

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