How To Set Up A Unique Swag Bag – Few Great Tips

Swag bags are everywhere; from tradeshows to store promotions and corporate events and more. It is not just  about offering a stylish bag for your audience but makes a smart way to keep your brand in plain view of them as well. Marketers looking for a subtle and unique way to complement their promotional strategy will find imprinted bags a great choice.

Tips to Set Up A Unique Swag Bag (1)

By handing out reusable swag bags you can spread awareness about the importance of recycling to keep this planet green and life sustainable. This gesture will make a great way to do this apart from bringing more attention to your brand.

 Here are some great ideas to go about it.

#1: Cotton Tote Bags

Natural, reusable and reliable, cotton tote bags have a carved a niche among ecofriendly products. A rage among younger people and the fashion savvy, cotton totes will make a great swag bag during tradeshows and store promotions. Long lasting and fashion forward, these tote bags will be something that your audience will truly love.

Offered in an exciting range of styles, colors and patterns, these bags will make a great ingredient in your promotional mix. Great for all types of brands and businesses right from spa, to laundry services and farmer’s market, cotton totes will easily make your brand stay fresh in the minds of your audience. Reports show that businesses have less than 8 seconds to impress their tradeshow attendees. So handing out useful and attractive gifts like totes will improve the user experience.

Premium 18 Oz Cotton Canvas Zippered Boat Tote Bags

#2: Drawstring Bags

A perfect bag for the outdoors, drawstring bags will make a great choice for game days, road trips and outdoor events. Simple and easy to use, these bags are sure to stay in promotional circuits for a long time. BackSac Block Non-Woven Drawstring Bags made of 210D Nylon will make a great choice. Bringing together fashion and functionality in equal measures, these bags have ample storage space and are easy to carry around. The best part these double up as seat covers as the elastic back panel slide over seats to showcase your brand details with a billboard-like effect. Anyone who sees these bags will want to know where they can get one of these!

BackSac Block Non-Woven Drawstring Bags

#3: Recycle Plastic Bags

Inspire your customers to bring 10 plastic bags to get a stylish non-woven bag for free.  Your brand imprinted on these bags will get a lot of attention while it helps you to recycle plastic bags. You can even share the images of plastic bags gathered for the collection center in social media or your bulletin board to spread the word.

 Adopt a strategy that matches the needs of your audience and your promotional objectives for the bets effect. Have a better idea in mind/ feel free to share with us at our facebook page.