Little Known Facts About Custom Gifts- Fact#3

Are You Aware That Six In 10 Of Them Keep Promotional Products For Up To Two Years?

PPAI reports unveil some of the most unusual and little known facts about promotional products and one of which says that custom products enjoy a formidable retention of up to 2 years.

Little Known Truths About Custom Gifts- Fact#3

Believe it or not!
6 in 10 recipients retain custom gifts that they get for up to 2 years, which shows the tremendous brand exposure that these imprinted items will ensure your brand. It is interesting to note that practical gift items that people can actually use in their daily items enjoy a longer retention than novelty items.

Here are some of the gift ideas that get used the most by your recipients.

T shirts: The most popular among promotional items, T shirts are hot favorites among recipients of all age groups. Everyone loves these cool and casual outfits that look great in the parks and the parties alike. Imprint your brand and message and see how these billboards will ensure long term brand promotion without any repeat effort or investment.Customized Port and Company Youth Essential Cotton T-Shirts

Bags: One of the most popular custom gifts ever, bags are something that everyone will need in their daily lives. Imprint your logo and message and hand these out at tradeshows or event to ensure the much desired portability and exposure for your brand. Every time your recipients go about their daily business, these trendy bags will grab the attention of everyone around as a stylish bag often makes a talking point in social circles.Promotional Natural Two Tone Jute Small Tote Bags

Pens: Pens can indeed be mightier than sword at times! Be it to give your thoughts a concrete form or to scribble the random thoughts or creative ideas, a pen continues to be a must to have item in everyone’s bags and work desks. Pens are often borrowed or gifted among your audience and your brand imprinted on these will enjoy an extended lease of attention.Custom Printed Iris Plastic Pens

Technology items: Outdated gifts are passé and to ensure a long retention, marketers make sure to choose the most trending and popular gift items like the technology items like powerbanks, stylus or speakers without which not many people can function these days. Imprint your message and see how your brand will live on for a very long time on these custom items.Custom Printed Cord Minder with 4 Colors

Drinkware items: Logo gifts like ceramic mugs, travel tumblers or water bottles have always enjoyed perennial popularity among the recipients. Imprint your logo and message on these and every time your recipients stay well hydrated and pepped up, they will be reminded of your brand.18 Oz Custom Performance Tumblers

Notepads– Notepads are not just used by both adults and students but are also used throughout a full year. The long shelf life and high retention will make sure that your message is likely to be seen every day.3.5x8.5 Custom Imprinted Notepads

Browse our collection of imprinted items and pick up gifts that come handy in the daily lives of your recipients to ensure a long retention. Shop right away!

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