How Humor Can Make Your Brand Promotions Effective

It seems that humor has become the watchword in marketing these days. Guess why? It surely works. After all who doesn’t like to celebrate the lighter side of their lives! Did you know that we even have a world smile day that falls on the first Friday in October to celebrate smile and spread cheer.By adding humor and fun promotional items into your marketing mix you can make your marketing campaign subtle without any obvious sales pitch. By making your brand appealing to your recipients’ emotions, you can easily leave a lasting impression in them.

So does humor work best for all types of businesses? The answer is YES, provided you do not end up overdoing the fun factor. Businesses with highly-specialized products can reach out to all types of audiences by bringing in fun and laughter to their promotional mix as it will lighten the mood and will make your brand seem more friendly and approachable.Custom Imprinted Smiley Face Inflatable Chairs

So, are you ready for a belly laugh with us at ProImprint? Here are some smart tips to weave in an element of humor into your marketing plans.

Fun contests: Everyone loves to enjoy a belly laugh. Try organizing fun contests at your stores to drive crowds into your shop. This will also engage your audience with your brand and nudge up the brand recall. Hand out fun gifts like smiley stress balls or smilez pens and styluses among others for the contest winners to keep their dialogue on.

Catchy slogans: Fun quotes and hilarious slogans will go a long way in heating up promotions and making your stores a little edgier! While planning special campaigns or holiday promotions, a dose of fun will surely help in enhancing the website traffic for any online store.Promotional Smile Face Bubble Necklaces

Fun promotional gifts: Logo gifts need not always be popular daily use items. Often fun items will go a long way in keeping your audience hooked to your brand for a very long time.

Here are some of the gift ideas that will leave your recipients in splits literally!

Smile face bubble necklace This bubble necklace will bring smiles over the faces of your customers in no time. Budget friendly and loaded with fun, these logo items are perfect for promoting doctor’s office, schools and dental clinic among others. Personalized smile face bubble necklaces make impressive personal gifts, employee gifts or party favors too.

Smiley face inflatable chairs: Let your recipients carry their favorite chair along with your brand wherever they go with these custom items. These 36” inflatable smiley face chairs are ideal for tradeshows, outdoor fairs and events and can be used to promote kids fashion stores, play schools and more.

Humor will help businesses to stand out in a highly competitive market with ease and will give a pleasing identity to your brand. Plus, humor can make even ordinary products into something exciting.

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