Interesting Trade Show Giveaways 2023

Trade shows and business events are back to their erstwhile glory of the pre pandemic days.  The best part is that , today marketers can also choose  from virtual and live events.  No matter how you choose to go about it, the ultimate goal is to highlight your brand image the best way possible. To make your trade show booth popular, you should invest in popular trade show merchandise that your audience are likely to appreciate. 

Here is an interesting mix of both casual and functional custom giveaways that will make your booth a favorite stop over for the attendees.

Food and candy

If you are looking for something interesting, food and candy gifts will make a great choice. Everyone will surely appreciate these snacks during a meeting session. However, not many businesses may think of adding snacks to their giveaway list. Customize it with your brand and message to make your brand pop

 You can choose from various snacks like popcorn, gummies, chocolate or assorted treats that will surely leave the audience delighted for sure. Did you know that food and candy will make  great conversation starters as well? It is a great option during the icebreaking phase and to initiate conversation with the audience.

Notebooks and Journals

Notebooks and journals are popular trade show items that are hard to beat . Everyone needs them, so your message imprinted on it will never go unnoticed. Choose form a wide range of models including ecofriendly recylable models that will highlight your social commitment as well. Even in today’s digital world, the old school way of journaling still remains popular among people. Plus, making notes is a great way to stay stress free and remember the tasks and experiences for your recipients.

The best thing about this promotional item is that it will never go out of style. Even though technology has improved so much throughout the years and keep on advancing, people still tend to turn to their trusty paper companions when taking notes. So, even if they aren’t exactly the most remarkable giveaway idea, sometimes it’s best to stick to the classics. Available in every price rate, custom notebook will never break your budget as well. Moreover, your prospects will surely appreciate receiving a gift they find it useful in their every day life and something they can immediately use.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are  something everyone needs. Available in various models like glass, metal and plastic, water bottles also offer a great canvas for your brand’s logo.  Reusable water bottles are a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and make a great way to highlight your social commitment. Most importantly, your recipients will support your brand more for being ecofriendly. By offering free water bottles imprinted with your brand, you can capture easy attention of your audience.

Stress Balls

Add a fun twist to your promotions with custom stress  relievers. Available in a wide range of shapes and forms, stress relievers offer something for everyone. Ideal for both live and virtual events, stress relievers will keep your audience to wind down and enjoy a good laugh out of their gift

Looking for more? Browse our collection to find more trade show merchandise that are fun and functional alike. Feel free to reach out to our team for more ideas.