Interesting Father’s Day  Gift Ideas For Businesses

Father’s day that falls on 19th June is a perfect occasion to make all the proud  dads, out there feel special and appreciated. Small businesses and marketers that wish to reach out to the father figures in their audience will find these tips useful.

Celebrated on third Sunday in June, Father’s Day  promises a lot of outdoor fun and activities thanks to the longest day of sunlight. Father’s Day indeed deserves a great celebration, considering the fact that Six in 10 men in USA are fathers, which adds up to about 72 million in the U.S.  


Though Father’s Day  started in 1910, it became an official celebration only in 1972.

Father’s Day ideas for small businesses

If you’re looking for Father’s Day giveaway ideas, you have indeed a lot of choices to consider. Spare a thought at the specific interests of your prospects to hand pick the most appropriate custom giveaways.

Ever wondered what the hardworking, inspiring and fun-loving fathers among us want on their day? Read on to find it all for yourselves.

Sporting Goods

Impress the sporty dads, by handing out custom gifts like golf bags, T shirts and baseball caps. It will indeed make them look good; as they go out for  dinner or cheer on the home team. Also, customize it with your brand and message to make it exceptional. They will definitely be pleased, to get gifts that they will love. So, just think of the impressions your brand will make every time, they hit the greens or set out on a beach holiday. Your brand will obviously get a  lot of attention; and the much deserved word of mouth publicity.

DIY clan of dads

Further, inspire the DIY clan of enterprising dads by handing out appropriate handouts like multi tools including screw drivers and wrenches. Also, do not forget to include all time favorites like flashlights, lanterns and other  essentials for the weekend warriors. Moreover, your message will even be a hot conversation topic in all the men’s dens out there!

Auto accessories

Most dads are  undoubtedly auto fanatics and love to keep their vehicles looking great. Handout auto accessories like cleaning cloths, car chargers, dash board accessories and sun filters among others that will  add a new look to their cars while putting your brand on display.

Relaxation gifts

Every busy dad out there, truly deserves a pampering hair massage and an aromatherapy at some point in their life. Hand out these hair massagers, scented candles and  other relaxation gifts that will make their day brighter!

Looking for more? Browse our collection of custom giveaways to choose the  best handouts that will please even the discerning dads on your gift list!