Imprinted Ice Scrapers – Business Promotions Made Easy

Winter season often sees a drop in sales for most businesses as people will not be keen for a shopping spree because of the spine chilling cold weather conditions. However, by adding a fun twist to your promotions, you can drive up the interest in your brand and get your customers engaged. Icescrapers may look simple and silly gifts; however imagine how useful these can be during a blizzard or snowfall. Most people toss their ice scrapers in the garage after the season and forget about it  only to end up in a soup as they get stuck in the motorways.

a clever way to advertise a business!

One thing that most people struggle to do is scraping their cars in the morning and to get moving on time. This is what makes ice scrapers practical custom gifts for consumers. It can be used to promote auto spare stores, driving schools, cab services or infact any business during this time of the year.

Ice scrapers will thus make a clever way to advertise a business and to get your customers remember your brand for a very long time. Here are some of the latest models in ice scrapers that will make your brand exposure surge even in low visibility conditions! Take a look right away.

Light Up LED Ice Scrapers Let your recipients clean ice from their windows and car even if it is dark outside with these icescrapers that light up. Lighting solutions, ice removing services and cleaning companies can make use of these interesting custom printed products to generate interest in their brand in winter season.

Promotional Light Up LED Ice Scrapers

Danbury Ice Scrapers: This heavy duty extra wide scraper is designed to make scraping as easy and never before. The durable handle and the blade can be imprinted with your brand and message, which will surely raise the eyebrows of your competitors this winter!

Customized Danbury Ice Scrapers

Dual Blade Ice Scrapers: The double blade design of this ice scraper will ensure natural scraping motion that can clear snow and frost completely and quickly in one pass. Every time your customers use it, they will be reminded of your brand and will stir up interest among anyone who sees it. Place your logo and brand for a high level visibility even in blinding cold conditions!

9 Inch Custom imprinted Dual Blade Ice Scrapers

Ice Scraper with 12 Colors: Offered in 12 attractive color choices, you can pick up a model that matches your corporate color. Made of sturdy plastic, these scrapers have a comfortable and anti-slip rubber grip that offers ease of use.

Custom Printed Gripper Ice Scraper with 12 Colors

Large Fluorescent Ice Scrapers: Anything that is bright and sparkling will never fail to arrest the attention of people around and that is what makes this fluorescent ice scraper a delight to the eyes of the beholders. Made of break-resistant plastic, it will last long and will ensure a clean scraping without leaving any mark on glass surface.

Custom Imprinted Large Fluorescent Ice Scrapers

Are you planning to make ice scrapers your promotional tool to heat up your business during the colder months? If yes, share your ideas and experiences at the comments section.

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