Imprinted Giveaways That Complement The Summer Outdoor Fun

Summer outdoors set a perfect playground for the fun loving people to indulge in their favorite  leisure activities, to soak up the sun and recharge the holiday hungry minds!  Summer also happens to be a great promotional season for marketers to get their message across to a large crowd and make their brand part of the happy memories of the audience.

Can there be a better time to talk business than when your clients are relaxed and happy? So what are you waiting for? Check out some of these promotional giveaways and  outdoor staples that will make a great addition to your promotional mix.

Beautiful young woman with a hat standing with suitcase on the w

Maglite flashlights

Light up the way of your recipients and make them feel reassured and safe with custom maglites. Available in a wide range of models, flashlights are often shared among camping members, which in turn will take your message further ahead. Solar lanterns that come handy when they don’t have access to charging points are also perfect gifts for outdoorsy clients. Make sure that your prospects are never in the dark with these high utility handouts that will put your brand under spotlight – literally!

Mini Maglites

 Cooler Bags

Available in a wide range of models  including totes and cooler backpacks, custom cooler bags  have  a lot to offer for  the outdoorsy crowd. Designed to keep snacks and beverages fresh, well insulated and at optimal temperatures, cooler bags are available in various sizes to fit the  party needs  of your clients and employees.

Get your logo and message printed in one or multiple colors to create the right branding effect. Long lasting and well retained, cooler bags will get used multiple times even after the holidays during various situations like road trips, camping, beach holidays and more. So, your message imprinted on these will get a lot of attention and repeat impressions at one time investment.

Carter Quilted Cooler Bags

Back packs

Ensure the ultimate hands free convenience to your colleagues or customers with these smart backpacks while helping them to stay organized during a day out. Available in various models, sizes and colors, custom backpacks make value added giveaways for outdoor themed marketing activities. Versatile and trendy, backpacks make great work bags, travel bags and outdoor bags all at once.

High Sierra® Loop Backpacks

Fleece Blanket with Pouch

These blankets are a hot favorite of the outdoorsy crowd thanks to its pouch. Light weight, water resistant, comfortable and easy to carry, these make a great perch on the grass on the parks and at the angling spots. Needless to say, your message imprinted on these custom blankets will get a wide angle display that is hard to miss!
Promotional Elevate Beta Oversize Light Down Blankets

We have a lot more in outdoor giveaways. Browse along and choose a model that matches your needs.