Imprinted Frisbees – The Favorite Choice In Summer Giveaways

Throw and grab these colorful flying discs that scuttle past the sandy shores, gardens and picnic spots this season. Summer is indeed a great time to talk about custom frisbees and the incredible branding potential that these hold. Dating back to the 1950s, these simple toys  of frisbees continue to bemuse the outdoorsy crowd with its charm even after six decades!


Available in a wide range of sizes and  colors, flyers are a rage among people of all age groups and even their poodles. It is indeed an effective and budget friendly way for marketers to enhance their  brand visibility to a new high during awareness events, pet themed events, summer branding events and a lot more.

Put on your creative caps to come up with a catchy slogan, an interesting artwork or even a fun quote to make these flyers truly special and unique.

9 Inch Custom Printed Recycled Flyers

Here are some winning points of custom frisbees that make it a great custom promotional swag.

Incredible color choices

Flyers are available in a  wide range of colors, which make it easy to match with your corporate colors, seasonal hues or more.

5 Inch Personalized Mini Flyers with 11 Colors


Frisbees are easy to carry around wherever your recipients go. Be it at the beach, campgrounds or the park, your message imprinted on these custom promotional items will get a wide angle display. Travel friendly models like foldable flyers and mini  flyers are great models to consider to reach out to the travelling summer crowd.

Folding Flyers with Case

Glow in the dark models will out your message on a grand display even at low light conditions while recycled frisbees make the best way to highlight the ecofriendly traits  of your business.

Ultimate Glow in the Dark Flyers

Generous imprint space

Custom Frisbees will let your creativity go wild. Think of attractive taglines or artwork to place  on the high visibility generous imprint space that Frisbees enjoy to get all eyes on it. Make use of the full color imprint options to leave a lasting statement in the minds of your audience. Your artwork and message imprinted in  glorious full color will indeed leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients.

Harvest Flying Discs

 Let Your Brand be part of their holiday memories

Holiday experiences and happy memories will last a long time among the audience. By handing out popular toys like Frisbees you can get your logo associated with their holiday experiences. Let the fun times fly literally with these branded toys that will put your brand on a high.

Zing Ring Flyers

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