Custom Gardening Items – Handouts That Grow Your Business Literally

Planning a garden themed promotion to complement the lively summer season? Wish to encourage the audience to enjoy the outdoors or take up gardening as a hobby? Custom gardening giveaways make  perfect giveaways.

From seed packets to planters, rain gauge and garden tools, you can choose from a wide range of handouts in every price rate. Your logo and message printed on these handouts will make an emotional connection with your prospects as they will indeed be thankful to get these practical handouts that make their living and work spaces beautiful.


Why Choose Promotional Plants And Seeds?

Show that you care for the happiness of your prospects by handing out gardening items. Indoor plants are proven to reduce stress levels, increase focus among people, improve the quality of indoor air and enhance the character of spaces.

Encourage your prospects to get outdoors

Gardening giveaways like flowering seeds that the recipients  can plant will provide them with an outdoor activity that is fun, long-lasting and rewarding.

Colorful Planter Kits

Enhanced brand visibility

Gardening is an engaging and addictive hobby and every time your customers indulge in this relaxing pastime, they will be reminded of your business.  Once the seeds sprout and plants emerge, your recipients will be excited to tend it and watch the plants grow and bloom. Thus, your recipients remain engaged with your brand for a long time to create a deeper bonding with your brand on an emotional level.

Plastic Rain Gauges

Ecofriendly giveaways

Plants play a key role in sustaining life on earth by ensuring the air quality. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus creating a sustainable atmosphere where life can exist. Investing in seeds and gardening gifts will indeed go a long way to highlight the eco credentials of your businesses.


Gardening gifts will appease people of  a wide range of demographics, from school pupils to busy professionals! These thoughtful custom giveaways will inspire your audience to show their green thumb while ensuring long lasting visibility for your brand .Choose from a variety of different seed options, including sunflower, forget me not, and mixed herbs among others to get your brand  in full bloom!

Seeded Paper Packets

No idea what to choose? Here are some gardening handouts in every price rate.

Seed Packets

Custom Seed Packets will literally get your brand into the hands of your customers. Your logo and message imprinted on the packet will get lot of attention. Your recipients will even be inspired to share these seed packets with their friends or family members, which in turn will take your message into a wider audience.

Flower Seeded Multicolor Paper Confetti Packets

Terracotta planters

A fun and unique way to get your brand into the hands of your customers, these ecofriendly terracotta pots will make a great way to encourage your customers to get into gardening with confidence.

Custom Printed Terra Cotta Lil Planter Kits

Coco planter kits

These minimalist and sustainable planter kits include coir planter, seeds, soil disk and instructions. Ideal to grow a variety of vegetables and flowering plants and to take the gardening experience of your customers to the next level.

Custom Imprinted Coco Planter Kits

Need more? Browse our collection of gardening giveaways to make your brand image  bloom.