How Your Customers’ Vacations Can be  Your Branding Opportunity

Summer holidays and road trips may be replaced by staycation and stay at home plans due to the pandemic scare this year. Get your brand part of the holiday experiences of your clients and enjoy a great brand display by handing out some exceptional giveaways. Sneak in your brand into yard parties, barbecue, outdoor picnics etc through some of these popular custom giveaways that ensure backyard branding opportunities.


Welcome summer

Can coolers and stadium cups are some of the best giveaways to welcome summer and enjoy a great holiday out. There is nothing like enjoying a cold drink on a hot day and your recipients will find these drinkware items perfect to drive up their partying fun.

4 Inch Promotional Neoprene Kan Koolers

Stylish folding Chairs to laze around

Folding chairs and beach towels make it easy for customers to relax at barbecues and beach holidays while staying at a safe distance from others.  Folding chairs can create a party vibe to even your backyards. These logo items will let your recipients relax and encourage them to step outdoors while your brand gets a fair share of limelight as well. We also have patio umbrellas and tents to take party fervor outdoors. Your brand imprinted on these massive display items will get spotted big time!

Logo Game Day Event Outdoor Folding Chairs

Sun safety items

Show that you care for the sun safety and comfort of your recipients by handing out these custom sunscreen products that will keep them UV safe during their favorite activities outdoors. Apart from sunscreen you can consider lip balm and bug sprays that  your recipients need while they are at the backyard or beach while your brand gets all eyes on it . Win-win!

1 Oz Promotional SPF 30 Sunscreen Bottles

Wearing sunglasses is as important as applying sunscreen on skin while venturing outdoors. Eyes are sensitive to UV rays and continuous exposure to these rays can lead to various ailments like cancer or cataract. Custom sunglasses imprinted with your logo, fun quotes or artwork will make a great way to keep your recipients safe and stylish in the great outdoors.

Promotional & Wedding Sunglasses

 Personal hygiene items

Hand sanitizers are needed during work, play and everything in between in this new normal world. Choose from a wide range of models in hand sanitizers that will keep your logo in plain view of your audience while they stay safe from germs.

1 Oz Amore Hand Sanitizers

Family fun

With group tours and long distance trips likely to be suspended for a little longer, family fun and local trips will get more attention this summer. Whether it is backyard party, a day out in the beach or woods, most people will be planning something small yet interesting. Your business can help to make their vacations more enjoyable by handing out beach balls or frisbees that will ensure limitless fun for the family and a strong display for your logo all at once.

9 Inch Promotional Confetti Flyers with 6 Colors

Food and candy items like custom popcorn or pretzels are a great way to reach the hearts of your recipients’ trough their tummies literally! It is indeed a sweet way to engage your audience and build up a positive association with your brand.

Popcorn Gift Box with Butter Popcorn

We have a repository of summer products that will make your promotions enjoyable.Need tips and inspiration for your next promotional campaign? We are happy to help.