How  Businesses Can Use Coronavirus Magnets To Enhance Awareness Of The Pandemic

As they say, ignorance is a crime! It is especially true when it comes to something deadly as the Covid- 19 pandemic. Being aware is the best and the only way to stay safe from the virus. Not much is yet known about the ways these microbes spread and cause harm; however ensuring personal hygiene and social distancing is thought to have paid off in many parts of the world in containing the spread of the disease.

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Businesses that are planning a reopening   will have to make their employees and clients aware of the risks of transmission and the best ways to stay safe. Awareness magnets are the best way to do it especially if you are planning something massive like a reopening mailer campaign or a community event.

Businesses that deal with walk- in customers like restaurants, daycare centers, super markets, spas and salons etc  can consider Coronavirus awareness magnets as part of their marketing mix to make their customers and employees aware and vigilant against the virus. Reopening business establishments doesn’t in any way mean that Coronavirus is gone.  So, make sure to comply with the safety guidelines to prevent the damage.

4x7 Customized Coronavirus Prevention Magnets 20 Mil Square Corners

These custom magnets can be imprinted with simple safety tips like washing hands or using tissues while sneezing etc to make people remind how important these mundane tasks can be! Using proper COVID-19 protection procedures can go a long way in keeping the employees safe and businesses in full operational mode in the days to come.

These full color, factory direct magnets can be placed throughout your facilities to spread the word and instill good practices in your team and customers. Place these in high-traffic areas like reception desks, entrances & exits, bathrooms and check-out lanes to motivate your customers to follow the guidelines. In offices, these magnets can be stuck at the work stations of your employees to make excellent reminders. It is the best option to make your team understand ways to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Available in a wide range of sizes, corona virus awareness magnets are available in both indoor and outdoor models.    Spread the message on the move by getting these magnets slapped on to your sales or service vehicles and do your bit in supporting this social cause.

Are you planning to host an awareness campaign on Covid-19?  These awareness car magnets will make great fund raising items that your business can consider.  These budget friendly magnets will get sold off quickly, the proceeds of which can be utilized for Covid care centers and health care facilities.

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