How To Welcome Back Your Restaurant Patrons As You Reopen

Reports show that 20% of Americans reported eating out at least once a week.  But the pandemic has changed this and the restaurant industry is badly hit by the national lock down. Even the most popular food chains found it hard to stay afloat and now the process of reopening brings a fresh set of challenges to the restaurant marketers.

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The reopening should be done in a cautious and responsible manner as the virus is still lurking around and is not expected to go away soon. Restaurant owners should strike a fine balance between employing social distancing mandates all the while ensuring an enjoyable dining experience and social setting for its patrons.

Here are some handy tips that will help you to make dining a fun experience for the customers.

Consider a phased reopening plan

Restaurants have a higher risk of infection than many other businesses because of the common touch points and the shared cutlery and dining items. Pick-up and delivery option is the best way to kick start your operations and spread the word that your restaurant is open and is catering to orders.

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Enhance the engagement

You can also increase the engagement with your customers by handing out custom gifts that will enhance the dining pleasure at home and keep your message right on top of their minds. Some of the custom gifts that can be considered include coasters, wine glasses, napkins etc. Personalize these with your brand and message and every time your recipients use these, they will be reminded of your restaurants and its impressive menu that will motivate them to check on your service regularly.

You can even set up simple table top games like sudoku or mini-corn hole game to engage your patrons while waiting for orders.

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Fun Floor Decals

Ensure and encourage safe distancing with fun floor decals at six feet apart. It will make it easy for your patrons to maintain their distance while waiting for service. Imprint artwork or fun quotes that will keep your customers bemused while you get across your guidelines.

Outdoor Signs and Flags

Promote your restaurant with full color flags or banners that will create a festive mood. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, these banners can be imprinted with your reopening messages and welcome greetings among others.

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Post Covid Welcome gifts

Promotional gifts will make a great way to keep the customers engaged and announce your reopening all at once. Storage containers, coasters, measuring spoon set etc will make great giveaways. Get your message imprinted on these to make a lasting reminder of your services.

Custom hand sanitizers will make a great handout for your diners to show that you care for their health and wellness as you welcome them back to your facility.

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Antimicrobial handouts for your crew

 Your team deserves a high level of protection against germs and infection. Hand out facemasks in your brand color and imprinted with your logo. It will make a smart addition to their uniforms in the new normal world.’ Antibacterial pens and disposable gloves will come handy while they take orders or serve patrons.

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For more welcome gift ideas, get in touch with our product experts and stay ahead in the competition