How To Wear Facemasks The Right Way

Personal face masks have become mandatory in the new normal, post pandemic world of today. Masks will reduce the risk of droplet contamination and will serve as a barrier against airborne elements. However, for a mask to be effective you have to wear it correctly. These tips will help you to get started.

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Wearing a Face Mask

First things first! Wash your hands with soap and water or cleanse with sanitizer before touching the facemasks

Now that your hands are clean you can take the mask by the ear loop. Make sure not to touch the front portion of the mask with hands.  Now the ear bands can be looped around the ears and the masks drawn across your mouth and nose. Make sure to cover the mouth and nose fully for the best protection.

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The masks should be properly fitting and should not be overly tight or loose. For those who need to wear masks for the whole day, ear savers and extenders can be used to reduce the strain over the ears and prevent pain or blisters.

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If you are using reusable masks, it is recommended to change it every 4 hours,. Keep  the used masks in a zipped cover while carrying it , wash it and dry it before reusing. Disposable masks need to be disposed off properly to avoid the risks of contamination.

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How to Remove a Face Mask

Take the ear loops off from each ear and pull the mask forward to remove it from your face. After removing the face mask ensure hand hygiene- Wash or sanitize your hands after taking off the masks.

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There are different types of facemasks including medical grade respirator filter masks that are recommended for medical personnel. For the general public, disposable 3-ply face mask is one of the most popular model. It will serve as a barrier against droplets when you commute or are in public places. Wearing a mask works two ways. It will prevent the droplets of yours from getting infected others if you are unwell. It will also prevent droplets from others entering your body.

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Reusable masks are budget friendly and also come in a wide range of colors and prints to satiate your fashion sense. Choose from a wide range of material choices like cotton, jersey etc. Businesses can choose customizable models of facemasks that can be imprinted with their brand and message to make a high visibility promotional item as well.

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