How to use Custom Bookmarks in your Marketing

Bookmarks may not sound as a prospective branding tool for atleast some marketers. However, apart from marking a reader’s place in a book, book marks imprinted with your brand will make a great marketing tool. Offered in various models, colors and sizes, book marks will keep your message in plain sight of your audience literally!


Promotional bookmarks have dual imprint space on either side. Make the most of it by printing not just your logo and artwork but any other additional information that you wish to share with your prospects including social messages, safety tips or anything similar.

Plus you have countless interesting models in bookmarks like  these customized seed bookmarks with seed packets to add a fun twist to your ecofriendly events. While the bookmarks end up in the book of your prospects, the seed packets germinate to colorful flowers much to the delight of the users.

Plant-A-Shape Wildflower Seed Bookmarks

Branded bookmarks are one of the cheapest ways to market your business. Here are some tips to use book marks in your promotions.

 As Business Cards

Authors, publishers, literary agents and those involved in the book industry will find custom book marks a great branded tool. Every time they use these logo items to mark out their pages,, they will be reminded of your business and its activities. Get your logo, message and artwork imprinted on the length of the bookmarks to grab easy attention. Combo models like book marks with magnifier will get a higher retention while your brand makes consistent impressions.

Internet Safety Guide Bookmarks

Along with Purchases

Shops can hand out bookmarks with purchases as these light weight custom handouts will fit easily and offer a little something extra for your customers when they open their shopping bags. Shaped book marks are attention grabbers in their own right and are popular across all age groups.

6 Inch Promotional Magnifier Rulers With Bookmark

As discount  Coupon

Get all eyes on your brand by using custom book marks as discount coupons. Imprint how to redeem the coupon on the bookmark, hand these out to  customers that spend over a certain amount as coupons or reward for loyalty.

Sticky Note Bookmarks

 As Library swag

Leave custom bookmarks in library lobbies for the visitors or the library staff to pick up on their way in and out. It is a subtle way for you to get your message out into a wider audience and convey your generous brand image. Adding a spicy tagline or an artwork will make a smart way to get easy attention of your audience and draw them closer to your business.

My Eco-Friendly World Bookmarks

Branded bookmarks are budget friendly handouts that will get your message across to a wider audience and ensure assured return on your investment.