Why Stacking Mugs make Popular Handouts for Offices

What makes stacking mugs different from regular mugs? These have higher handles than a regular mug, which makes it easier to stack and to save space! Stacking mugs make  perfect handouts for offices especially as most businesses may not have big pantries or a  lot of storage space in the cupboards. However, they need to  have a supply of mugs in their pantry to cater to the refreshment needs of their employees as well as clients who may drop in.


A  hot cup of tea of coffee  is  something that can make a good start for the day and for everyone to get warmed up at the morning. Custom mugs that are imprinted with your logo, tagline or team anthem is a great way to pep up your team and make them feel welcome to your office and ensure some serious team bonding.

Stacking mugs are available in a wide range of color choices and make a welcome addition to the custom drinkware collection of offices and make excellent space savers as well. Thanks to its unique shape, these mugs can be one above the other, which will enable you to fit more mugs on a shelf. The elegant design and superior quality of these mugs will give it a professional look that go well with your office ambiance as well.

Some of the models that can be considered include

10 Oz Loktak Stacking Mugs : These stoneware tumblers are offered in various colors like cobalt Blue, Red and Black and feature glossy interior and exterior and a copious capacity of 300 ml. The terra cotta pot inspired design is the highlight of these tumblers that are microwave and dishwasher safe. Put your brand on and get spotted right away!

10 Oz Loktak Stacking Mugs

16 Oz Sip N Style Stackable Tumblers: The brown paper sleeve grip, Drink thru lid and amazing color choices are  the highlights of these stackable plastic tumblers that can be used  for both hot and cold liquids . These sleek tumblers offer a high value real estate for your logo and message!

16 Oz Sip N Style Stackable Tumblers

Let’s be frank about it! Stacking mugs are  office friendly, which makes it a great choice for companies that wish to use it at office or as handouts to their clients and partners. Ideal for any office set up, these mugs can be easily stacked up, which makes it easier for your recipients to use. The impressive stacks of these colorful mugs will indeed draw curious glances and some interesting conversation every time someone sees these drinkware items.