How to Make your Business  Remembered After a Trade Show

Hosting a trade show or participating in a networking event is only half your job done. Leaving a lasting impression is what makes or breaks  any business event. In large events where hundreds of exhibitors may be participating- many of whom presenting similar services and products, individual businesses need to put their best to stand out. Trade shows are one of the best places for marketers  to get noticed and meet a large number of potential new customers and business contacts.  Exciting trade show swag will make a great way to achieve this.

Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of being remembered in the months ahead of  the big event.


A show stopping booth

Make your booth more exciting for the attendees and  those who pass by  using inflatables at the entry, a video screen, an exciting raffle game or something else that will catch people’s attention. The main objective is not just to highlight your information but your brand identity as well. Get your team outfitted in branded apparels, name badges and lanyards that will make them recognizable as your brand representatives.

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Invite Guests in Advance

Build up a buzz by inviting guests well in advance and contacting your regular attendees beforehand to ensure a decent attendance. You can make your booth look buzzing by enhancing the footfalls. Mailer gifts that accompany the invitation is a great way to inspire the attendees to pay a visit to your booth. Small yet useful handouts like pens, notepads or the new normal favorites of face masks are great gift ideas that can be considered.

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Motivate  Your Staff

Your employees are the biggest brand ambassadors for your business. So, make sure to train them to  present the marketing message and the elevator pitch introduction session that is the key to  turn leads into prospects. They should be competent enough to answer any questions that attendees have to win new leads. To ensure a friendly competition among the team members, you can promise an award to the staff member who performs the best.


Promotional Literature

Make sure to stock up interesting catalogs and product brochures that tell more about your products, prices and special offers. It will make sure that your attendees will all be leaving with plenty of information about your business. You can even make your promotional material  more useful for the attendees by choosing imprinted mouse pads or drinkware imprinted with your marketing message and contact information. These are well retained and will never be discarded like flyers as well

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