Branded Fitness Items For A Healthy Brand Promotion

Health and fitness is much more than just a trend in the new normal world. The promotional products industry has also seen a corresponding rise in the popularity of wellness items these days. From fitness sport bottles to jump ropes and yoga mats, the fitness product range is diverse than ever before. Choose from a wide range of different products that can be branded the way you wish to make your brand part of the lifestyle of your prospects.


Fitness bottles

Staying hydrated is a basic need to stay fit. Choose from an eclectic range of bottles with flip top lids that are easy to drink from- on the move or while biking or jogging. Whether you choose plastic, aluminum or stainless steel, these sports bottles can be imprinted with your logo and message in full color to get easy eyes on it. As fitness bottles are mostly used outdoors, your message imprinted on it will get a wider audience than the primary recipients.

Cadet Tritan Sports Bottles with Drink-Thru Lid

Custom backpacks

Whether it is the fitness center or a corporate wellness holiday, custom backpacks will make a great way for your prospects to keep their fitness items in style and on easy access. Offered in a wide range of models and colors, custom backpacks can be effectively customized with your logo to get your message on a wide display. A stylish branded bag will undeniably be a great talking topic among your audience.

Explorer Backpacks

Yoga mats

Yoga is all about getting holistically healthy by ensuring both physical and mental health. As the popularity of yoga among Americans has hit an all- time high especially in the post pandemic times, it is a perfect time for businesses to invest in custom yoga mats.

Offered in a wide range of models, sizes and colors , yoga mats will make a smart way to put your brand on the move and at work! Just imagine the exposure your brand will get in  public places like the garden or  on the beach- well beyond the yoga studio floors!

Full Length Yoga Mats and Case


Being on a budget need not rob off the fun of your fitness themed branding campaign when you have cost effective handouts like custom pedometers. Offered in various handy models like those with a radio or those driven by solar power, you can easily choose an appropriate model that will match your budget and promotional needs. Your logo and message imprinted on these everyday items will never fail to grab the eyeballs of people around.

Audio Jogger Pedometer and FM Radio

Jump ropes

It is interesting to be old fashioned at times and bring in a nostalgic angle to your promotions to impress the audience and get your brand stand out. These simple work out items of custom jump ropes are ideal for all age groups and demographics and are easy to use anywhere, anytime!  The best part is that you don’t need any battery power or technology to operate these basic fitness items!

 Colorful Jump Ropes

Need more? Explore our complete line of custom fitness items to choose the best.