How To Choose The Right Product For Fund Raising Events?

Fund raising handouts should be popular and budget friendly.  If you are raising money for your school, church or social cause, fundraising products will make a smart option to generate funds.


Make sure that you choose budget friendly yet popular items which will enable you to sell it at a higher price to raise funds for your event. It can be something basic like coffee packet, candy bars or trail mix that people use almost daily. These items can be sold to raise money for your students, sports team or youth group and these profitable ideas will help you raise a substantial fund.

If you are selling something you should find items that people want to buy, right? May be some fun items that everyone will be excited to take home!

Ideally the fund raising items you choose should be:-

Easy to use: Choose items that everyone will find easy to use. So, lock in custom items like            T-shirts, pens or tumblers that everyone will find useful almost daily. Make sure not to choose something that only a specific audience will find useful  Afterall, you need to reach out to a wider audience and generate as much funds as possible  to make your fund raising campaign a success.

Imprinted Gildan® Youth DryBlend® T-Shirts

Affordable: The items that you choose should be budget friendly. It will enable you to sell it at a price that the audience will find affordable all the while allowing you to make some funds. Think of something useful items like cookie dough or coasters that people will find interesting.

Imprinted Round Shaped Bamboo Coaster Set

Popularity:  Order custom handouts that are incredibly popular.  Whether it is drinkware, bags or  T shirts, popular handouts will bring in more people to your doors apart from filling in the coffers quickly.

Personalized Economy Double Wall Tumblers

Now that you have the traits of the ideal handouts for fund raising events, get started with some of these crowd favorites. Customize these with your brand and social cause and spread the word.

T shirts

Are you raising money for your school sports team, community schools or junior league to get some new sports equipment, sports apparels or more? Look no further than custom T shirts. Nothing can get any better than a T-shirt fundraiser!

Why because, firstly T shirts are incredibly popular and everyone needs some! We bet, you will find people easily who will be willing to contribute and get a shirt in return. Plus, every time your donors wear these custom T shirts they spread the word about your organization and the social cause you support. You can choose from a range of fabrics and sizes. Get it imprinted with your brand and message to make heads turn.

Why T shirts

T-shirts are  inexpensive to order, easy to ship and distribute and above all easy to customize to raise money for any cause. These apparels have a generous imprint area, which will make a great place for your brand and message.

Lollipop fundraisers

Looking for a fun way to raise funds? Lollipops will make a great choice as these are popular among the masses, budget friendly and above all earn a high return on investment. Everybody loves these sweet delights; it remains popular all round the year regardless of the weather or the upcoming holiday! Lollipops indeed make great fund raisers for schools and non profits.

Lollipops are ridiculously cheap and will ensure you a high return, thereby ticking all the  bills of an ideal find raising item. If you purchase lollipops at $0.50 a pop, and you sell them for $1, you’ve made a 50% profit easily. Customize the wrappers with your brand and message to make it stand out. Offered in a range of different flavors, shapes, and sizes, you have something special for everyone.

You can market lollipops in countless ways too . Whether it as stocking-stuffers, summer delights or parade giveaways, you will have some perfect occasions to play up with these custom pops.

Swirl Lollipop with Round Label

Coffee fund raiser

A coffee bean fundraiser is a smart choice for church, non profits and more. Sell these delicious coffee packs and make some extra money for your nonprofit’s next project. Let’s be frank about it. There is nothing quite like a steaming cup of coffee in the morning. People love coffee and most donors won’t mind spending a little extra for their caffeine fix.

JaElope Instant Coffee Packs


One of the most popular fundraising items around, tumblers are here to stay for sure. Offered in a wide range of models and colors, tumblers will keep your social message right  at their finger tips.  Choose a model that works best for your nonprofit. Versatile and customizable, tumblers will carry your message and artwork in style and pique quick interest among anyone who sees it.  Tumblers make perfect fundraiser to steal the hearts of donors of all ages. Go for it!

16 Oz Twist Leak Proof Copper Vacuum Tumblers

Tote Bags

 Another interesting fundraising product idea for schools and community groups would be mixed bags. Choose from a range of tote bags in countless patterns and sizes that impress your audience and sell off like hot cakes. Your message and imprint on these well retained bags will get a lot of attention and appreciation.

Lighthouse Boat Tote Bags

Water Bottles

Sports is a common thread that bring people together. Whether it’s a national team or a local club, sports enjoy a universal appeal and get people talk about your brand. Looking for some donor support from your local leagues?  Custom water bottles will be a smart choice. These are low cost, customizable and above all essential for all sports teams! It will also keep your supporters hydrated and healthy.

Your donors will continue to use their water bottles for a long time even after the campaign, thereby promoting your team wherever they go.  Choose models that match your team colors to match the theme. Choose premium quality, BPA free and dish washier safe models like sports water bottles or carabiner bottles that are easy to carry. Even after your campaign has reached completion, these will continue promoting your team at work, on public transit, and anywhere else they carry their bottle. It’s free marketing!

When designing and ordering your water bottles, take the marketing aspect into consideration. Make sure the logo of your team is easy to read and the color scheme matches the team’s colors.

21 Oz Stainless Steel Liberty Bottles with Bamboo LidDog treats

Raising money for the local animal shelter or a new dog park? Reach out to all the animal lovers and pet owners with some heart tugging fund raising items that will inspire them to donate and be part of the cause. Offer your donors something they will actually use for their furry friends! Dog treats and pet supplies make a great fund raising item to consider.

Everyone wants the best for their pets, so make sure to offer the best items to choose. Order in bulk, for the best deals; it will increase your profit margin too. Your donors would love to see organic dog treats or fun flavors they haven’t seen before. Make sure to add a personal touch to your custom items with artwork , taglines or message that will leave a few cute impressions in their mind. These are great for raising funds for animal hospital, pet supply store, or doggie daycare service.

 Zagasnacks™ Dog Bones Promo Snack Packs

Need more? Browse our complete line of custom gifts and choose an item that matches your fund raising needs. Should you need more tips, call our product team or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook to get on top of the trends.