How To Choose The Best Golf Umbrellas- Tips From The Pros

A golf umbrella can make or break a golfer’s day literally! It saves them from bad weather woes and keeps the game on.

Golf Umbrella

Golf umbrella makes a great item in the golfer’s bags as they move across the golfing venues. It not just keeps their heads dry from rain and shades them from sun but also keep the caddy safe from elements.

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Having a good  golf umbrella makes the job of a golfer half done as it helps him to stay focused , play the shots and be in his natural self. The big plus- golf umbrellas make a great choice for regular use as well. The massive canopy and the brilliant color choices will grab easy attention; you can even move in groups even in pounding rain as these massive umbrellas have space for more than one! Marketers can ensure a wide angle display for their message or artwork imprinted on these while their recipients get a sturdy and reliable umbrella on hand. So it’s a total win-win situation!

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Golf umbrellas are available in a wide range of options. Here are some tips that will help you choose a good umbrella that will never leave you in dire streets. So, here we go with some smart tips.

What is a golf umbrella?

Golf umbrellas are designed to shield the golfers and their bags from the heat of the sun and rain. Larger and sturdier than normal umbrella, these will double up as impressive billboards to share the message for marketers. Golf enjoys a cult status in America and takes pride of a massive fan base. So, anything imprinted on golf umbrellas will never get overlooked. Ideal as corporate gifts and promotional items for golf clubs and leagues, golf umbrellas are here to stay forever.

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Features to look for

 Sun and Rain resistant

The most important function of umbrellas is to withstand sun and rain. Golf umbrellas should ideally be wind resistant and lightening resistant and should protect the players from UV exposure.


Durability is an important feature to be considered while scouting for golf umbrellas. These should ensure trouble free service for a long time even in the most challenging weather conditions and in the busy golfing season. Available in a wide range of models with metal or fiber glass shaft and ribs, golf umbrellas are designed for a long term use. The more the usability the more will be the exposure of your brand imprinted on these.

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Auto open features

The opening and closing speed is another feature to consider while choosing golf umbrellas. In the event of an unexpected cloud burst, the umbrella should open instantly to make sure that the golfing items and the player does not get wet. Choose auto open golf umbrellas that are quick and flexible.

Color and Design

Bright colored umbrellas stand out better and draw eyeballs easily. Your message imprinted on these umbrellas will get more attention as well. When they have a brilliantly colored umbrella the golfers can be sure that they are being followed and watched during the game. It will give them more confidence and create a fan base of their own. The big plus, these umbrellas will look good in those instagram pictures that you wish to share for your fans as well!

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