8 Proven Color-Changing Products That Will Enhance Your Brand Popularity

Color changing products and mood rings were a rage in the 70s. The trend has spread to other product lines like promotional products much to the delight of people who love colors and beauty!  Designed to change color with temperature changes, these fun products are great to engage your audience with your brand in a lighthearted way-Color changing

Remember the color changing reusable cups released by Starbucks recently? It went on to be a big hit, prompting other retailers to come up with similar ideas. Interestingly the promotional product industry too is catching up with this trend.

So make the best use of this trend while it is still hot and get your brand the much desired portability.

Top 8 Promotional Mood Products

1.Cool Color Changing Stadium Cups

12 Oz Cool Color Changing Stadium Cups will change colors when cold drinks are poured into it.      FDA compliant and Made in USA, these trendy cups will make a great addition to parties, game days, tailgates and more.

12 Oz Cool Color Changing Stadium Cups

2.Mood Pencil with Colored Eraser

These mood pencils change their color when held in hand. It is perfect for both work desks and school bags and will add fun to even a boring day. Choose from a range of popular colors.

Mood Pencil with Colored Eraser

3.Color changing Malibu Sunglasses

Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses that change color when exposed to sun will make the outdoor fun extra special this season. These light weight polycarbonate sunglasses with UV400 lenses are absolute crowd pleasers!

Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

4.Bluetooth Mood Speakers
These Bluetooth mood speakers will steal anyone’s heart with their  rainbow colored light display and augmented acoustics! The color changing lights will create the right mood during parties and events every time the music is played!

Printed Bluetooth Mood Speakers

5.Tumblers with Straw
Create a magical color display with these trendy plastic tumblers. The circle design on the body of these BPA free, FDA compliant 16 Oz Tumblers with Straw changes color along with temperature. Choose from a range of colors.
16 Oz Color Changing Tumbler with Straw

6.Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls

It is impossible not to laugh even when things do not quite go your way when you see these Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls that will cheer you up with its cute face that change colors by the heat of your hands! Choose from a range of color choices.

Imprinted Mood Smiley Face Stress Balls

7.Pulse Mood Lamp and Wireless Speakers

Pulse Mood Lamp feature 8 rotating mood light colors and a 3-watt wireless speaker with 360 degree sound field.  Great for parties, road trips and picnics, these combo items are the best things you can ever ask for this outdoor season!

Pulse Mood Lamp and Wireless Speakers

8.Rainbow Confetti Mood Cups

Create a perfect party mood with these made In USA, 17 Oz Rainbow Confetti Mood Cups that feature a confetti color pattern that changes color when ice cold liquids are added. These top shelf dishwasher safe drinkware items will surely make heads turn!

17 Oz Rainbow Confetti Mood Cups

Are you ready for the limelight by using these color changing items? Do share your thoughts

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