How to Celebrate National Day Of Unplugging- Tips

Every year, the Second Friday in March is observed as National Day of Unplugging. It was started by Reboot network, an organization that inspires people to create life style changes. During the 24 hour period from sunrise to sundown on this day, people are encouraged to unplug, unwind, relax and undergo a digital detox by doing things other than using today’s technology.

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National Day of Unplugging is a welcome hiatus from the digital world and a trip back to the real world. So how can you use this 24-hour respite from technology?

Here are some tips for your employees and prospects.

1.Send a mailer gift by post: Employers or businesses can send a thank you mail along with a mailer gift to their clients or employees to remind them of the old world charm of snail mail and gift posts. It is ok to go slow and be on the lowest gear at times! You can even spread awareness about the movement through brochures and flyers as well.

  1. Enjoy a Bike Ride

Leave the gadgets switched off and set out on a bike ride through the country side and stay connected with real people and networks rather than wifi network!  Cycling improves your fitness level and flexibility as well. You can handout bicycle shaped keychains, bike bottles  or UV resistant sunglasses as tokens of this day. Customize it with the message and every time they see these logo items they will surely be inspired to beat a retreat from the ruckus.

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2.Take forty winks

Bid adieu to sleepless nights and late working hours.  Encourage your prospects to sleep early and make them aware of the importance of having good sleep. Eye mask will make a perfect handout to convince them to shut their eyes and go to a slumber- at least on this day!

Good Night Eye Masks

  1. Cook a Meal

Cooking is an enjoyable and relaxing activity that can be enjoyed with all the members of the family. Encourage your prospects to spend time with their dear and near ones. Aprons, oven mitts or measuring spoons or cutting boards will make great hand outs to tempt them to fine hone their culinary skills. The big plus- Cooking is a great family bonding experience.

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  1. Volunteering

Doing volunteer work is a great way to go gadget free, highlight the social commitment and be in the midst of people and the real world around. Think of a feeding program to the needy, a fund raising campaign or a donation drive of supplies to a homeless shelter. Blankets, pens, drinkware items, beanies etc are some of the many custom gift ideas that can be considered.

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Do you have more ideas for the unplugging day? Share with us and join an interesting discussion