What exactly millennials expect from their employers?


Hello employers, you might have seen job-hopping, not-loyal-enough and rebellious millennial employees in your organization. And you may have even judged them for switching jobs! But this is from your perspective. Have you ever thought about their perspective? Which is, why exactly do they leave from your company? What is lacking in your company that makes them look for better opportunities out there?

You may think that it’s because of the attractive package they are getting from the other companies. But on an extended note, it’s not! Millennials will take a happier workplace over a better salary! This means, if you are giving them the right atmosphere to work, they won’t ditch you for better pay! So now the question is, how to create the right atmosphere for your millennial employees?! One simple and accurate method for this question is “just ask them!” Yes, just ask your millennial employees what exactly they want to make their work atmosphere pleasant and more productive. They will be happy to help you! But if you are looking for a trait-specified answer, where you can accommodate every millennial with your small set of upgrades, we are here; with some effective tips. Just try to accommodate these ideas in your workplace and see how your millennial employees gonna love it!

Millennials prefer corporate learning


Millennials and Baby boomers are extremities when it comes to work ethics. Baby boomers prefer to work on a stable nature. They always prefer to work on the same range, keeping themselves in the comfort zone. And this is why the majority of them work with a single company for their entire career. Choosing a different company is like learning new things and it’s out of their comfort zone! Millennials, on the other hand, take learning as their primary need. They always look for better designation and hence they are into learning new things, kicking themselves out of their comfort zone. So the point is, if you want to retain your millennial employees in your workplace, you need to make your organization a learning hub! Just, don’t restrict your employees from learning new stuff, let them explore!

Work-life balance and Flexibility


Most of the employers think work-life balance is something between the inside office and outside office. But this can be completely inside the office too. Work should never be completely work-ish! There should be leisure time inside the workplace. Breaks during work hours can improve productivity.

Flexibility is another crucial factor for millennials. Fixed work hours won’t work for most of the millennials. They count productivity rather than spending working hours in the office. Up to an extent, it is right. An employee can sit there in the office for 8 working hours and can be productive only for 4 hours. At the same time, if he breaks down his timing, he could possibly be productive more than 6 hours of work. It’s all about smart work, right! Work from home options and other flexible work hours can be implemented to sort these millennial woes!



Millennials crave appreciation. In fact, millennials love it when their team leads give them feedback on their work. Appreciation can improve work quality also. Employee appreciation can also be done through the gesture of gifting. In fact, you can start gifting an employee from the day he joins! You could give logo printed promotional products as part of welcoming them to your team. Company name printed coffee mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, notepads and even laptop bags can be given at this point of time. Logo printed awards and trophies can be given to employees or certain events like sports day, company anniversary, or even employee anniversary. Such gestures can improve productivity and loyalty from your millennial employees.

Snacks and Puppies


Obviously! Make your workspace pet-friendly for once and see how your employees react! Adding pets to your workplace make it more positive and interesting for your employees.  No matter the size of your business, it is possible to set a new tradition of snacking, as it can keep your employees happy. These small changes in your office will spread happiness across the hall.  Employees will definitely feel privileged for having snacks at their workplace.