How To Bring Your Brand To your Customer’s Homes

One thing that most people have in common today is that they are pretty much all spending a lot more time at home than usual! Whether people are working from home or maintaining social distancing, lockdown is keeping people indoors- whether they like it or not. Most of us cannot leave the house as freely as we used to. Thus  for businesses, it is time to draw out new promotional strategies to meet the new situations.


Here are some super tips to bring your brand into homes!

Your brand identifies and differentiates your business from others. It is a promise to your customers and a token of goodwill. Your brand messages should thus convey your brand value and enhance your brand visibility.

Let’s be frank about it. You have an incredibly popular logo, a captivating tagline and a marketing strategy that has hit the jackpot. But in the current changing times, it will make a smart idea to make a quick rethink to see whether there is still room for improvement and innovation. Now that when the shoppers cannot come to your brand, you should take your brand right into the homes of your users – where they remain all day!

Everyone’s daily routine has radically changed and it may never be like the past atleast for some more time. With the lockdown in force, and no promotional events around where you can tempt potential customers to sample your products, the only way out is to bring your brand into the homes of your customers. How quickly businesses adapt to suit this change is what keeps them ahead of the race.

Many promotional strategies like billboards and posters at the back of the buses may become purposeless if the daily commute is virtually redundant. So how will you ensure maximum brand exposure? Most people are at home, whether at work, or just biding their time waiting out the lockdown and all of them are spending much of their time looking at a screen, but what else is around? So, make use of the tremendous power of online advertisements to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Think of the possible custom gifts that will keep your brand right on top of the minds of your prospects as they are at their work station. A metal tumbler, a coaster, phone charger, headphones,  mousepads- the list is impressive.

Not just around the work desks, at the kitchen, bathroom or garden where your prospects may be spending quite a lot of their time these days. All these will open up fresh promotional opportunities for businesses. A cutting board, apron, storage containers- you can easily find a lot of custom items that can put your brand in the plain view of your audience.

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There are certain things that people use on a daily basis in their own home. For instance, pens, clocks, towels, facemasks and  hand sanitizers too- You can park your message on these high utility items to reach potential customers and get a winning edge in this changing world.

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Give your recipients something useful and attractive that they will use to get their attention.  Make your message clear and relevant and every day when your recipients see it, your brand familiarity will go up. There are limitless branding opportunities that await the savvy marketer. Just discover and make use of it!