How Promotional Toys Can Be Used For Advertising

Holiday season is rolling in and the air is filled with festivities, party fervor and laughter! So can there be a better option than a logo toy to expand your business and promote your brand name? Cost effective and popular, toys are something that nobody can resist because everyone is a kid at heart basically.

Custom toys appeal to a wide range of audience and will get your message out in a subtle and fun manner. When pressure selling, aggressive telemarketing and newspaper ads fail, these simple gift ideas will make your brand popular. Toys have become popular promotional gifts in the recent past and it is substantiated by the sales and marketing figures over the last few years.

Here are some of the logo toys ideas that can be employed as promotional gifts.

Yo Yos: One of the oldest toys known to mankind, these toys that jump up and down like crazy have evolved a lot before acquiring its present shape. Imprint your logo and message on these popular toys that don’t need power or batteries to operate unlike the many modern day toys. The dainty movement of the fingers will make the Yo Yo go up and down by the tensile strength of the string. Available in a range of attractive colors and models like the light up Yo Yo, these toys can be played both indoors and outdoors.Logo Imprinted Light Up Yo-Yo - Red

Flyers: A must to have item in any picnic basket or a beach bag, Frisbees are delightful toys that will appeal to all age groups and even pets! Available in a range of attractive colors, Frisbees are well sought for their generous imprint area.Custom Logo Imprinted Tripod Boomerangs

Stress balls: Available in a range of shapes, colors and sizes, logo stress balls are not just toys but practical daily items that will help your recipients to get over their stress. These logo stress busters that keep them relaxed at work, home or on the way are becoming increasingly popular these days as these soft balls can be smashed and squished without the risks of rebuttal to get over the stress! Be it as corporate gifts, tradeshow handouts or store promotion items, these logo gifts will never fail to tug the hearts of your recipients.Custom Imprinted Tennis Ball Shaped Stress Balls

Hand clappers: Loads of fun and noise, hand clappers make delightful fun toys to promote your brand. These make perfect options to promote sports leagues, schools and community events and the best part is that these double up as team spirit items for your recipients to cheer for their home team.Personalized Mega Hand Clappers

Fun toys are the most natural and the easy way to get your message out without being nonintrusive. Check out our impressive collection of logo gifts at ProImprint and choose the one that matches your style.

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