How Important is Embroidery Stitch Count In Promotional Products

Embroidery is a classic technique for decorating promotional products like apparels and accessories. It will enable you to create logo on fabric by stitching colorful threads into it . Embroidery prints will increase the visual appeal and the perceived value of the merchandise  while  turning them into effective branding tools for your business

Embroidery is a handy way to customize custom apparels and accessories like T shirts, beanies and hats among others. A fine embroidery logo will enhance the appeal of your corporate wear and promotional merchandise.

Explaining the stitch count

Stitch count denotes the number of stitches needed to create a design. As stitch count increases, the quality of the design as well as the cost will also increase .  It depends on the size and thickness of your design and vary from a few stitches to thousands of stitches depending on design. Simple designs  may  only require fewer stitches, whereas complex designs in multiple colors may have more stitch count.

Why is Stitch Count Important in Embroidery?

 Stitch count is an important factor in determining  the cost of the embroidery as it is priced per stitch. More the stitch count, more will be the cost of the embroidery.

Embroidery has long lasting Quality

Embroidery imprints are visually appealing and long lasting than other conventional options like screen printing. The design will remain fresh as new for many years as it is stitched into the fabric. Thus your message will get a high quality, long term display, which can be the game changer in your brand building. .

A  high stitch count design will be more detailed and elaborate whereas a design with a low stitch count may not be that intricate. Likewise a high stitch count design will last longer as the threads are closely knit, making it stronger.  A low stitch design is likely to get frayed as the stitches are not closely packed.


Embroidery is a versatile customization option that is ideal for a wide range of materials and fabrics. Businesses wishing to create a premium range of their own promotional apparels will find embroidery a perfect choice. Apart from turning an ordinary piece of apparel to something professional, it will also add a fashion twist to the item and impart a stroke of sophistication to even a simple garment item.

Apparels with custom embroidery are ideal for both casual team outings and corporate events as it will create a sense of unity among employees and participants.

Business promotions

Custom embroidery items will highlight the team spirit and identity among employees or team members. T shirts embroidered with team names or mascot are especially useful for sporting teams and fans!

In addition, embroidery helps in promoting brands and messages. By putting the logo on apparels businesses can increase brand visibility apart from turning their recipients into their brand ambassadors wherever they go.

Beyond business promotions, such promotional products come handy for personal events like family reunions or bachelor parties among others. It will help individual to impart a personal touch to their clothing to make it more stylish.

Proimprint offers embroidery of 10,000 stitches for most apparels, giving customers more branding power for their money. Stitch count depends on various factors including artwork design complexity,  imprint size, material and so on.  Extra stitch count is available for an additional fee. Here all that matters is your creativity!

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