How Custom Totes Enhance Brand Popularity

Marketers always look for magical solutions to promote their brand and increase visibility. An effective and affordable option is custom tote bags. Highly useful and ecofriendly, these stylish bags will make a walking advertisement for your brand while highlighting your social commitment.

Have you ever thought about the branding potential of custom tote bags  and how it helps in promoting your business?


Everyone will like these sturdy and stylish bags that meet all toting needs. Whether your recipients wish to use it as lunch bags , grocery bags, beach bags or more, tote bags will indeed be a perfect option. Available in various color choices and materials, these custom giveaways will showcase your brand in style while offering a trendy bag for your recipients.

Cotton totes are the most popular types among totes. Made of natural cotton, these lightweight and durable bags will stay for a long time. Canvas tote is a bit heavier and  durable and is ideal for carrying heavy items. Non-Woven Polypropylene Tote Bags in turn are durable and  water-resistant, which further makes them a good choice for outdoor events.

Increased Brand exposure

Promotional totes will increase brand exposure thanks to its visibility and utility. In addition, these bags are always used in crowded areas like the beach, school or shopping streets. So, your logo will get the attention of a multitude of people around, which in turn will increase your brand exposure.


Tote bags are cost-effective marketing tools that make it ideal for mass events like trade shows and business events.

Easy to customize

The generous imprint space of tote bags make it easy for you to place your brand and message. Choose a design that reflects your brand, include a message that is easy to read and increase brand recognition. In addition, make sure to include your corporate colors that is consistent with your brand.

Best ways to use custom totes in promotions

Custom tote bags are perfect giveaways for promoting all types of business events. You can give them away at events or trade shows to increase brand awareness. Low cost advantage will indeed make it a great choice for mass events like trade shows. In addition, totes can be used in various ways including the following.

  • Totes can be used as promotional giveaways to engage your customers with your brand.
  • As gifts with purchase: marketers can consider tote bags as a gift with purchase to encourage customers to come back more often.
  • As employee gifts: Tote bags make great employee gifts to boost their team loyalty. Every time they carry these stylish bags, they will become your brand ambassadors

Tips to consider

Material: Choose a material that is durable and that caters to the toting needs of your audience

Size: In addition, consider the size of the tote bag to match the needs of the prospects. For instance, if you are catering to school kids, you can choose big sized totes whereas for office goers a medium sized tote will be a better choice.

Color: Choose a pleasant color that grabs attention of the onlookers and complements your brand.

Quantity:  If you have upcoming events on cards, it is even recommended to order in bulk to get the best deals.  Totes will never look out of trend as well. So, you can confidently invest in these giveaways

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