Facts About Artwork Bleed On full Color Promotional Products

An appropriate full color artwork on your promotional products will create a magical effect among the prospects. Needless to say, a creative artwork will make business gifts look special and engaging. In addition, most promotional items offer full color artwork customization options. If you are new to this idea, this post will be of use to you.

Get started by knowing some of the common facts while delving into the topic of full color artwork.

Artwork bleed

Artwork bleed is of great importance in ensuring the clarity and sharpness in images . It is the free space outside the edge of the artwork; that will allow for any inconsistencies that may occur while printing. Adding artwork bleed will ensure that the artwork does not extend beyond the final cut line; giving enough space for the printer to ensure a clean output.

Further, promotional products come in different shapes and sizes. So it is of paramount importance to ensure a precise printing of the artwork for the best result.  This is where artwork bleed comes to the bigger picture. Firstly, it will make sure that the artwork spreads out along the edge of the product without any extra white space around the edge. A clean image will go a long way in highlighting your professional brand image.

It manages any inconsistencies that may crop up  in the printing process

During printing, minor flaws can happen due to various reasons like the shifting of material during printing. Artwork bleed will even off these minor blemishes to make sure that the artwork on the product looks consistent.

Ideal for a full-color design

In full-color designs, artwork bleed help to ensure that the colors are printed to the edge of the product to ensure a high precision and visually appealing outcome.

Artwork bleed ensures flexibility in the design process

Last but not the least, artwork bleed  provides the requisite flexibility for designers to create designs without worrying about the final cut line. In addition, it will give them more freedom while creating intricate designs. Moreover, it will make sure that all the important design elements like logo fits within the area. So, once the final product is printed and cut, the image will not come with undesirable white borders.

Ensures quality of the final image

Artwork bleed has also a great say on the quality of the final design on the product. In the absence of artwork bleed, the final product may have extra white space that may make the design look shoddy. Make sure to set it to the right  size to ensure that the final product looks professional. If there is an excess artwork bleed it might leave extra white spaces around the image whereas inadequate space may result in the artwork being cut off during the final trimming stage . By considering artwork bleed in the design process, marketers can print fine quality vibrant designs on their promotional products that will easily impress the potential customers.

A few helpful tips

  • Request an artwork template: You can also ask our team for an art template for any item that you are interested in ordering.
  • Separate the background from your artwork.  Keep the background of your artwork file separate from the main logo. It will make it easy for the designers to create a design that includes all the vital design elements while discarding  extra white space.
  • Send vector artwork. Vector artwork is easy to scale up or down to ensure a perfect fit within the imprint area.

Our design team will help you get the right artwork bleed for your promotional products to ensure a quality output.