How Custom Magnetic Clips will Make Great Giveaways For Your Business

Magnetic clips may seem simple and unnoticeable items, but the truth is, it can be a key marketing tool.

 Budget friendly and highly practical, custom magnetic clips  will put your brand on a wide display and  make repeat impressions at one time investment.

Colorful and compact, magnetic clips are easy to distribute  in person or as mailer items alike. Choose from various models and sizes to match the preferences of your audience. Make use of the high visibility imprint space to highlight your logo and help the audience to access your contact information quickly. Moreover,  it is a very practical way to broadcast your message without being overwhelming. You can even use it to label items, especially those packed in smaller packets.

 Budget friendly Brand Promotion

In addition, magnetic clips are low in cost and easy to customize , which makes it easy for you to use in various promotional activities.

Fun to customize

You may customize the clip with your tagline or image to make your brand more memorable. The more interesting your message, the better will be the engagement for your audience.


Durable and reusable, magnetic clips will make a long lasting brand reminder for your audience.  Your audience wont even think of replacing it from their fridge doors or filing cabinets as long as they work.


Magnetic clips  may be ubiquitous. However, it plays a great role in keeping things organized and in tidying up the work desks or class rooms.  After all, the designated purpose of this item is to keep things hold together.  Your brand imprinted on it will become part of an orderly life style of the audience for sure.

Highly-visible magnetic clips will leave a greater impact on your customers. In addition, customers will appreciate you more when they receive these high utility custom giveaways. Customize it with the design that suits your brand to turn it into an effective traditional marketing tool that allows increasing sales.

In today’s digital environment driven by digital advertisements these simple marketing tools will indeed get a lot of attention to ensure more brand visibility and better corporate image. These colorful and well-designed clips will surely inspire the consumers to explore your brand in a subtle way.

If you are in need of custom clips, reach out to our team for more designs and ideas on how to turn these everyday items in brand promotions.