How Custom Gifts Leave Impressions Every Hour, Every Day Among Your Customers

Promotional gifts have become one of the most potent marketing tools among marketers to reinforce their brand identity. Functional gifts will put your brand in front of the eyes of your recipients for a very long time and earn priceless impressions. This infographics below will show how these ubiquitous custom gifts can make your brand part of their life style and influence their shopping decisions. Did you know that your brand on custom gifts is seen by your recipients every hour, day after day all through the life span of these items?

Custom Gifts Leave Impressions Every Hour,Every Day

Start of the Day: The day starts for most people with a cup of hot coffee; and the first thing that they see will be the brand imprinted on these custom ceramic mugs. Your recipients will surely be pleased at the good morning message that they read on these mugs and will take a closer look at the brand and message imprinted on these.

Imprinted Red Campfire Mugs

Some of the models to consider include 15 Oz Vida Ceramic Mugs or Red Campfire Mugs– to mention just a few.

15 Oz Vida Ceramic Mugs

Off to work: Be it the sun or the unpredictable spring showers, these branded umbrellas will keep your brand literally over the heads of your recipients. These attractively customized umbrellas will grab the attention of everyone around and will make a delightful talking topic in their friend circles. Did we say that custom umbrellas will make 1331 impressions in their life time – that is pretty awesome considering the low cost advantage that umbrellas have!

42 Inch Arc Custom Budget Telescopic Umbrellas

42 Inch Arc Custom Budget Telescopic Umbrellas or 36 Inch Arc Customized Telescopic Folding Automatic Umbrellas are a few of the many best selling models that we have in stock.

Arrives at work: As your employees start the day at work by checking emails and replying to business mails the first thing that grab their attention will be these custom mouse pads on their work desks. Reports say than on an average an employee receives and sends over 80 emails a day, which means they will be seeing these brand impressions for a very long time. Wireless Charging Mouse Pads  will be a brilliant choice as it will double up as a charging pad and a mousepad all at once.

Wireless Charging Mouse Pads

Coffee break: Yet again it is time for your recipients to have a tryst with your brand on these custom drinkware items. The mere fact that 53% of US consumers own custom drinkware items is the proof of the immense popularity that these custom gifts enjoy. Do check out the exciting discount offers that these drinkware items have.

Hearth Ceramic Mugs with Wood Lid/ Coaster

Red Campfire Mugs or Hearth Ceramic Mugs with Wood Lid/ Coaster that will make a trendy and functional coffee mug for the office tables are perfect options!

Paper work at office: As your employees or recipients handle their paper work in office, these imprinted notepads will leave a lasting impression in their minds and will make all those note taking chores easy.

Recycled Jotter and Pen with Black Trim

Flaunt your ecofriendly credentials with these recycled jotter and pen with black trim or these handy magnetic memo boards that will remain safely on their filing cabinets.

Lunch hour: Our custom lunch box will make your brand impressions strong in the minds of your recipients and everyone around will surely take a closer look at the brand as they share home- made goodies.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Sets

You will surely love these Wheat Utensil Lunch Sets or Collapsible Food Bowls and the discount deals that come with it

Shopping time: Retail therapy is one of the best stress busters after a hard and long day at work for most people. Our reusable totes will make their shopping enjoyable while your brand on it will enjoy the much desired portability.

Personalized Voyager Polyester Tote Bags

The night is still young and there is still time for everyone to enjoy their ale in the company of friends. Our custom glassware items will be a perfect way to wind up the day. We have even scented candles and hot and cold gel that will make your brand the best companions for your recipients late into the night! Need more? Just browse and shop to your heart’s content.Shopping with us is as simple as 1-2-3!

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