4 essential thanksgiving products you should get, in reference to F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Show!

Every Thanksgiving meal in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was scrumptious! Be it the one with different types of potatoes Monica made, or the one with “Chanberries,” all nine of them were exceptionally memorable to us fans! You might have known every single dish Monica made for Thanksgiving. But do you really know about those kitchen props and table arrangements they made for celebrating Thanksgiving? If no, let’s dig in! The turkey feast is here!

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Oven Mitts

Okay, let us start with the potatoes itself! You remember when Monica made three different potatoes for Thanksgiving? Mash potatoes with lumps, whipped potatoes with onion and pea, and tater tots! But in the end, everything gets ruined! Well, things don’t always go well, everything got burnt, but at least, we got to see some cool oven mitts Monica got! So get printed oven mitts for Thanksgiving, and make sure that you don’t lose the keys to your home!

Wine Glasses

What is Thanksgiving without a toast of wine? Monica Geller’s Thanksgiving table always has some cool wine glasses! Of course, there might be 11 categories of glasses, too, just like the towel set. She never misses her wine glasses on Thanksgiving Day! So if you are out of wine glasses this Thanksgiving, get yours now, cause its thanksgiving guys, we all have something thankful to say along with our toast!

Aromatherapy wax candles

Remember the Thanksgiving episode with Brad Pitt? Yes, the one with “i-hate-Rachel-Greene-club”! This cool guy Will from college arrives at Monica’s apartment for the feast. And if you observe, you can see a table with candles and pumpkins! The clean freak inside Monica organized the table with pumpkin and candles in a fantastic way. This Thanksgiving, get some fragrant aromatherapy wax candles and spread sweet scent!


One thing Monica Geller could never refuse is nothing but, Aprons! Being the head chef of Allesandro’s, she is an excellent cook. Every thanksgiving episode, she makes incredible food, and, notably, she never forgets to wear her aprons. This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to get aprons if you are dealing with the turkey.
You are not always stuck on second gear! So this Thanksgiving, get some cool promotional products and be thankful for what you have!