How Custom Cork Base Mugs Enhance Your Market Reach

 No matter what kind of business you run, how successful it is will depend on how well you make your brand  reach a larger audience. Whether you are a beverage company, a travel agency or a  home decor brand, you need popular custom handouts to accelerate the pitch of marketing without being intrusive.

This is where exceptional handouts like cork base cups come to the bigger picture. Available in various colors, cork base mugs are a rage in today’s world.

 Apart from being unique and visually appealing, these mugs will also exude a classic charm. Talking about the promotional potential of the mug, you have limitless branding opportunities.

Why cork base mugs are popular

1. Made from Environment-Friendly Materials

Made from ceramic and cork, this mug is a sustainable product that will highlight the green credentials of your brand. The body of this trendy mug is made from the natural product of ceramic material, which can even be recycled into useful products again. Plus, its rustic texture will give it a special appeal.

Impressive Features

This 14oz Cork Ceramic Cup comes with a spill-resistant and slide-action lid that will make them great  handouts for travelers and  active people. In addition, these mugs feature a cork base which protects hands and surfaces from heat. Customize it with your brand, message or artwork to impress all your coffee loving customers. Not just for hot drinks, this mug is also a fit container for cold drinks. Likewise, the unique design of these mugs will easily grab a lot of easy eyeballs of your audience.  

These ceramic mugs have a cork base, which will protect the table surface from damage and double up as a coaster while making it easy for the users to hold the hot cup of beverage without burning their hands. Add your logo, message and artwork on these cups to make it unique to your business.

Designed with Cup Lid for Easy Use

A lid will help to keep the hot beverages well sealed thereby making it a perfect choice for people on the move. The functionality of these ceramic mugs is another selling point of these handouts. Your customers will surely find this handout well appreciated as they do not have to worry about spilling their drinks even when they travel or ride a vehicle.


Your recipients will love the trendy design of this branded ceramic mug. The matte finish exterior coupled with the  classic built-in cork will make this custom drinkware more aesthetically pleasing. Choose from a wide range  of color choices including white, navy blue and grey among others.  Customize it with your brand and artwork and you are all set to have a marketing swag that hardly fails.

Interesting ways to use Cork Ceramic Mug In promotions

As employee appreciation gifts

A thoughtful gift is the best way to show your appreciation for your employees. . Custom cork ceramic mugs will make the coffee hours more interesting for your team. Every time they reach out to their refreshing beverage , they will feel great for your brand. Having this insulated cup within easy reach will not just make it easy to satiate their caffeine craving but will also put your brand on wide display for your customers and clients to see. A branded mug will also enhance the professional image of their work desks as well.

 As gifts with purchase

Offer more value for your customers by offering free gifts of custom tumblers that will make your promotions successful.  Handing out these free gifts branded with your logo will increase your brand awareness.

Contest Giveaways

Tumblers win hands down as contest giveaways during holiday promotions, online marketing and more. It will appeal to everyone and will surely encourage them to join your promotional contest.

Referral gifts

Handing out popular referral gifts like tumblers will go a long way in enhancing your brand popularity and to get your message into a wider audience.  Your customers will indeed have a solid reason to refer your brand to their friends and family.


These custom giveaways of cork ceramic mugs are well suited for all types of businesses. So, if you want your  customers to remember  your brand, these tumblers will indeed be a brilliant idea to consider. Sustainable, functional, and  fashionable, this creative giveaway will enhance your goodwill for sure.So if you have been looking for a timeless promotional product that never fail, look no further than custom mugs .

Versatile and highly effective, these marketing tools are here to remain forever.  Should you need more information on these custom tumblers, reach out to our team.