How Custom  Banners And Signage Can be used for a Safe Polling Amidst The Pandemic

The pandemic has posed some serious questions on the polling station safety measures that may have to be adopted in the election year of 2020. Voters and volunteers have to vote and carry out their tasks safely apart from streamlining the voting process and ensuring a decent turn out.


Directional signage  on safety tips, social distancing and traffic flow will have a greater role this year to make the voters feel at ease. It will ensure seamless communication with the voters and election officials and prevent any confusion that could arise.

Direct mailers for Communication

Direct mailers make proven ways to communicate with  people and encourage them to participate in the election process. Large banners and sail signs on  ballot drop off locations will be useful to the voters. These brightly colored signs will draw easy attention of the voters as well.

Custom banners and signs can also be utilized to  tell the voters of the different voting options like in person voting,  absentee ballots,  mail in ballots  etc. These customized posters can be put up in libraries , government offices and other public places to ensure a higher turnout on the poll day and inform  people of the various options available to them.

Promotional Everyday Banner Display Graphic Only

Outdoor and Indoor signage

Outdoor banners with all the information like drop off points and line forming areas will ensure a seamless polling process and help the voters to do their tasks in a well informed and smooth manner.

Banners are needed even inside the polling station. These can be imprinted with  social distancing and hand washing protocol. Floor decals can be used to mark out the space where the voters have to wait in queue. It will ensure safety and hassle free crowd management even in the peak hours.

 Floor Decal, 6 Feet Apart Social Distance Stickers

The basic idea of custom banners is to keep the crowd moving, minimize exposure and guide the voters.

Promotional Logo Banner Display Kit

The pandemic may lead to a low voter turnout due to safety concerns and social distancing constraints. Custom banners can be utilized to take the voters into confidence and communicate with them regarding the different voting options and the safety guidelines in place to ensure a safe polling.

Custom Imprinted Double-Sided Boulevard Banners

The voters may need more communication as never before during this election year due to the pandemic.  Safety readiness items like banners make budget friendly ways to support communication and prepare polling places leading up to the Election Day.

Imprinted Single-Sided Boulevard Banners

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