Custom gifts that Keep Employees reassured  During Uncertain Times

When the world is going through a difficult time businesses are using promotional products more to engage their audience and employees and make them feel well appreciated. Brands that reach out to their employees and clients are seeing matchless levels of loyalty from their audience. So, what are the best custom gifts for your employees working remote or in office in this post pandemic phase?

Pretty young woman and group business people have a meeting and working in the office and wear mask as protection from corona virus

Pretty young woman and group business people have a meeting and working in the office and wear mask as protection from corona virus

Face Masks

In 2020, it’s not just superheroes or Halloween revelers that are donning masks; everyone is wearing it for personal safety. Custom facemasks are probably the most popular in PPE. Offered in various models including disposable masks and reusable masks, these logo items will put your message on a wide display for a long time. These items that promote employee safety go well beyond the traditional PPE gear.

Make your employees feel safe by giving them a branded and stylish mask that will be their favorite grab on the go mask while your message gets a great display. Moisture repellent face masks, cooling towel facemasks and full color face masks are some of the many models that can be considered.

Printed Comfortprotect™ Face Masks

Mask Accessories

Incredible, innovative and inexpensive, custom giveaways like ear savers will make your message popular as never before. You’ve heard about them; now you can wear them to make the mask wearing ordeal a pleasant one.

This little product acts as a branding piece for you while holding the mask without hurting the ears. Your employees will thank you for this useful handout that relieves a pain point that they experience every day!

Face Mask Ear Savers

UV light Sanitizing phone case:

 Phones hold more germs than almost any other item and every time people hold it in their hands bring it closer to their mouth and ears, there is a risk for infection. As these sensitive gadgets cannot be cleaned using traditional methods like soap and water, UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case  will make a safe and effective way to keep the gadgets clean and germ free.

 Printed HD-100 UV Light Phone Sanitizer Case with Multi-Device Capacity

Wireless Chargers

The popularity of no- contact gadgets is on the rise. That is what makes wireless chargers a great choice. It is safe to use among different users and are easy to use. It keeps employees reassured and  well connected. Ideal for home, office or on the go, these tech accessories will keep your employees safe no matter where they are!

Radiant Wireless Phone Charging Pads

Hand sanitizers

Portable and easy to use, hand sanitizers will ensure hand hygiene and reduce the spread of germs. Choose from various handy models like liquid, gel and spray. Your logo and message imprinted on these personal care items will get a lot of attention on the move.

16.9 Oz Hand Gel Sanitizer Pump Bottles

 By sending them a custom product that will actually help your team to stay safe, you can enhance your goodwill while giving them a sense of ease. Stress has indeed hit an all time high among everyone. So, if employers can do their little bit to allay their anxiety in this uncertain time, it will go an incredibly long way to show your employees that you care.

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