How Affordable Phone Wallets Increase Brand Visibility

Wondering what makes custom phone wallets a popular promotional item? Firstly, it is something that everyone will find useful; secondly it is budget friendly[ and finally it ensures a high visibility for your logo and message.

Easy to customize

Marketers can customize phone wallets with their logo, or even QR code that when scanned will redirect users to their portal. This will allow your recipients to log on to your website from anywhere, and help you gain better online presence as well. Thus you get the dual advantage of both online and offline promotions with these custom promotional products.

Apart from being a cost-effective and practical advertising option for your company, these logo items will also allow brands to be creative in their marketing approach. Long lasting and functional, phone wallets are indeed a nice deviation from the run of the mill promotional products.

Engage the audience

 Card holders are more than just mobile phone accessories; they are also an effective marketing products with unlimited branding potential. With so many people using smartphones, phone wallets will indeed be a cost-effective way to bring your brand closer to your target market.

Can Be Attached to Any Mobile Phone

  Your recipients can attach  phone wallets on the back of their mobile phones to turn into a handy wallet that can hold their business cards. The high practical utility is what makes this product an excellent marketing gift.

Every day use

What you will  like about this promotional giveaway is that your recipients can use them on daily basis. So when customers take out their phone in the office or on the streets, your brand gains immense exposure. Designed to look great, these giveaways are something that the customers are likely to retain for years. Promotional products that are practical are unlikely to end up in the trash.


Phone wallets are light weight and ultra slim. So, if you are considering promoting your brand with these custom giveaways, you have the best of both the worlds of functionality and fashion in equal measures.

Limitless models

Phone wallets are available in various material choices like plastic, leather, denim and more in just about every price rate.  You can also choose innovative models like phone wallets with RFID  safety feature that will protect the users from the risks of skimming to ensure that their personal data is not being compromised. This would make excellent employee welcome gift and corporate gift for clients.

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